Why some hate more than others...(F)

Written by Terry Dashner

Why do some hate more than others? (F)

Terry Dashner…..Faith Fellowship Church in Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Inrepparttar early 1990s Dr. C. Peter Wagner wrote a book entitled, Breaking Strongholds in Your City withrepparttar 132173 subtitle, How to use spiritual mapping to make your prayers more strategic, effective and targeted (Regal Books). To finish out my series on why some hate more than others, I’m going to highlight some of Dr. Wagner’s insights, which atrepparttar 132174 time ofrepparttar 132175 book’s publication were prophetic but, nevertheless, unproven; however, today these insights are being employed worldwide with great results. I believe you will benefit from this brief study.

Inrepparttar 132176 book’s introduction Dr. Wagner answers this question: What good is spiritual mapping? Says Wagner, “As many of our contributors stress, we do not regard spiritual mapping as an end in itself. However, we do believe it is God’s desire for us to pray, ‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ (Matt. 6:10). We also see a cause-and-effect relationship betweenrepparttar 132177 faithfulness of God’s people in prayer andrepparttar 132178 coming of His Kingdom. When God’s will is done on earth we see lost people saved; sick people healed; poor people with sufficient essentials; and end to wars, fighting and bloodshed; oppressed people liberated; just governments; fair and equitable business practices; harmony among races, just to mention some ofrepparttar 132179 benefits.”

Then Dr. Wagner tacklesrepparttar 132180 big question: Is spiritual mapping Biblical? Again Dr. Wagner writes, “An example of spiritual mapping is seen in Ezekiel 4: 1-3 where God instructs Ezekiel to make a map ofrepparttar 132181 city of Jerusalem on a clay tablet, then ‘lay siege against it.’ Obviously, this refers to spiritual, not conventional, warfare.

“I mention this because some research has turned up what is regarded by archaeologists asrepparttar 132182 first known map of a city,repparttar 132183 city of Nippur,repparttar 132184 ancient cultural center of Sumer. It is on a well-preserved clay tablet, undoubtedly similar torepparttar 132185 one Ezekiel used. The features onrepparttar 132186 map, drawn around 1500 B.C., constitute what we today would call spiritual mapping. Inrepparttar 132187 center ofrepparttar 132188 city is written ‘the place of Enlil.’ It is said that inrepparttar 132189 city ‘dweltrepparttar 132190 air god, Enlil,repparttar 132191 leading deity ofrepparttar 132192 Sumerian pantheon.’ We would identify it asrepparttar 132193 territorial spirit over Sumer.”

With any activity that targets one phase of ministry over another, one must be cautious and aware that Satan is very deceptive. He can take believers torepparttar 132194 extremes and bury them there if they do not “watch and pray.” When a believer maps out a spiritual territory over which to intercede and bind uprepparttar 132195 “strong man,”repparttar 132196 believer must stand firm in prayer andrepparttar 132197 Word of God. The believer’s authority overrepparttar 132198 devil isrepparttar 132199 name Jesus andrepparttar 132200 power ofrepparttar 132201 Holy Spirit. When this is understood, spiritual warfare becomesrepparttar 132202 work of God through us and not because of us.

How does one know if spiritual warfare over an area is working? For one,repparttar 132203 entire spiritual climate will give way to changes. Again Dr. Wagner writes, “Whenrepparttar 132204 children of Israel were preparing to takerepparttar 132205 Promised Land, God gave themrepparttar 132206 law of warfare. This is important for us today when we realize that God was preparing them for spiritual warfare, not conventional warfare. What conventional army ever defeated a city by marching around it X number of times and blowing horns? I believe these laws of warfare as recorded in Deuteronomy 20 are valid today.

Why Do We Need Our Addictions?

Written by Brian Maloney

If money is considered to berepparttar root of all evil, then what would we classify as our addictions?

The psychology ofrepparttar 132172 human mind is ultra complex when compared to any other species on earth, so why does it love to tangle itself up in a destructive mode? Once more, why would it seemingly feel right to be in this place in life?

Let’s drill down and put addictions in a separate folder. Psychological addictions are much more prevalent then physical ones; however, people can have both. When someone is psychologically addicted, they are obsessed with doing, having, andrepparttar 132173 idea of a specific concept swirls within.

If one is physically addicted,repparttar 132174 actual body craves, butrepparttar 132175 mind can easily be trained that it also must “have it” in order to function properly.

Two main reasons behindrepparttar 132176 psychology of addictions are fairly simplistic human emotions that we all have. Self worth and security arerepparttar 132177 primary root reasons for our propensity to become addicted.

Example: An invitation lands inside your mailbox and many people that you know and don’t know are going to be there. Feeling unsecure about your abilities, you summon uprepparttar 132178 courage to consume three or four drinks to take offrepparttar 132179 edge and loosen yourself beforerepparttar 132180 event takes place.

This concept seems to work and now you don’t just do it for regular functions, you begin to use it as a crutch more frequently. Your workplace may berepparttar 132181 next testing ground or home.

Another example is when women seek outrepparttar 132182 same type of man as a patterned behavior because they feel within themselves that they simply do not deserve better. This self worth can manifest itself into many variations of an addictive personality or patterned behavior.

What would happen if we completely abolished all of our addictions, whether big or small, serious or not? Would we be forfeiting a part of our very fiber,repparttar 132183 weave that keeps us together?

Not only canrepparttar 132184 mind play tricks on itself and make it believe that it needs something, but it can also become lucid and understand that it can stand alone withoutrepparttar 132185 assistance of external stimuli to artificially boost its worth or security.

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