Why should I use cosmetic brushes?

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

Most people overlookrepparttar importance of using application tools, like brushes, when they apply their make-up. The most important reason is performance. How would you feel if you went to have your make-up done by a professional and they applied your make-up with their fingers? You would not pay for it would you. The same idea applies to you at home. By using a brush that is made forrepparttar 102003 particular process you are performing (i.e. applying eye shadow with an eye shadow brush) it will only makerepparttar 102004 application process easier. Applying your blush is another good example. It is very hard to make both of your cheeks look even when you use your fingers as application tools. For those of you that have trouble keeping your make-up on throughoutrepparttar 102005 day, like your eyeliner, use a firm bristle brush and a flat eye shadow instead of a pencil. The shadow will stay on better, and give you a more natural looking line that will not make your eyes appear smaller.

The next important reason for using brushes is so you do not contaminate your cosmetics. There are a lot of things that you touch which can be transmitted to your cosmetics if you use your fingers. This can cause a problem for people with sensitive skin or eyes. If a problem does occur you end up having to throw awayrepparttar 102006 product, which is money wasted. You may even have to go to work without make-up for a few days to let your eyes or skin heal.

What is the difference between "Store Brand" and "Professional" Cosmetics?

Written by Adem Martin del Campo

Everyone has heardrepparttar cliché "you get what you pay for". This isrepparttar 102002 main difference between professional cosmetics and store brands. You have to say to yourself "How come I can buy eye shadows inrepparttar 102003 store and they only cost $2.00?" The reason isrepparttar 102004 quality ofrepparttar 102005 products in just not as good. Let me give you some practical examples. First let's look at foundation. Most ofrepparttar 102006 foundations found in stores that are liquid are just that, liquid. In order for that foundation to haverepparttar 102007 consistency of water there has to be a large amount of water in it. You are also playing a guessing game when you have to chooserepparttar 102008 "right one". This isrepparttar 102009 reason why we charge more for our Custom-Blended Foundation. It is a cream-based formula with SPF-15 sun block, so it will moisturize and protect your skin while you wear it. Since we custom-blend our foundation you can be assured that it isrepparttar 102010 right color and shade for your eye color. This is important because you will notice that our foundation will not change colors on you overrepparttar 102011 course ofrepparttar 102012 day. Another benefit is that it does not contain any waxes to cause it to crack or wrinkle after a short period of time. You can already start to understandrepparttar 102013 differences. Let's move on to lipstick.

Lipstick seems like a pretty general thing, but it isn't. Most ofrepparttar 102014 "long-lasting lipsticks" tend to stain your lips and make them dry likerepparttar 102015 desert; whereas our lipsticks are cream-based, so they will stay on a long time and not dry your lips while you wear them. A great way to changerepparttar 102016 look of each of our lipsticks is to use your blush color as a base. Try that withrepparttar 102017 "long-lasting lipsticks" you will not see any difference, so you end up having to buy a larger variety of them in order to see any change.

While walking throughrepparttar 102018 store you might notice a new eye shadow you like. Stop and think about it. What am I really getting? Most ofrepparttar 102019 store brand eye shadows contain waxes that when mixed withrepparttar 102020 oils in your skin will start to crease and wrinkle much likerepparttar 102021 foundation mentioned earlier. Our eye shadows go on smooth and they can be applied either wet or dry. When applied wet they become water resistant, so a night out dancing is no problem.

Have you noticed that a lot of store brands are going towards compact powders instead of loose powder? You say to yourself "this seems more convenient". There is a reason they have to make it so "convenient" - you are going to need to "freshen up" all day long. Our powders are so finely processed that once you apply them inrepparttar 102022 morning you will not need to reapply it later inrepparttar 102023 day. Now of course if you are out inrepparttar 102024 sun being active, I am not saying that you will not need to freshen up later. What I am saying is that during normal activity like when you are at work there will be no need to reapply your powder. This will make your powder last a lot longer.

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