Why search engine optimisation is doomed … and quality content is the best strategy for your website

Written by Chris Mole

If you have a website, sooner or later you’ll get interested in search engine optimisation. It’srepparttar art (or is it a science?) of tweaking your website copy and links, so your site ranks higher inrepparttar 105145 search engines.

There are many professional search engine optimisation firms (commonly known as SEOs) who will charge you substantial amounts of money to improve your website’s rankings for certain search terms.

It’s tempting to go downrepparttar 105146 SEO track, particularly when you find your precious site languishing far, far downrepparttar 105147 rankings on Google.

But one ofrepparttar 105148 world’s top Web marketing experts, Ken Evoy, has written a new report predictingrepparttar 105149 imminent demise ofrepparttar 105150 SEO industry – and recommending an alternative, more reliable method of achieving a top search engine ranking.

Evoy argues search engines are getting smarter and smarter at recognising sites that have been “SEO’d”.

The engines are constantly getting more sophisticated, to avoid some ofrepparttar 105151 unethical SEO practices being used to trick them into giving a site a good ranking.

So SEO experts are on a continual treadmill to keep up.

Initially, SEO revolved mainly around keywords. Now, it seems to centre around building inbound links torepparttar 105152 site, to get a higher ‘page rank’ on Google.

But Evoy believes website owners are wasting their time and money by becoming too focused on either of these SEO techniques.

They would be better off, he argues, simply adding more and more quality content to their websites, to provide visitors with what they really want onrepparttar 105153 Web – information.

To quote Evoy: “Make your content so good that others will want to link to you.”

He adds, a little honest push-start by a solid, simple inbound link programme is a good idea but this doesn’t have to become an all-consuming pre-occupation.

All you need are a few popular sites, in your market sector, linking to you. There are several ways to achieve this, including contactingrepparttar 105154 owners of sites you would like linking to you, and asking if they want to exchange links.

Make Your Website Headline Sell

Written by Chris Mole

When a visitor arrives at your website,repparttar first thing they look at isrepparttar 105144 headline. You have just a few seconds to make a good impression. Otherwise, they may not stick around to readrepparttar 105145 rest ofrepparttar 105146 page.

Unfortunately, most small business websites wasterepparttar 105147 huge opportunity to be gained from their headline. Typically, atrepparttar 105148 top ofrepparttar 105149 page you’ll findrepparttar 105150 company’s name. Or perhaps something like “Welcome to our website”.

Don’t make this mistake. If you’re serious about marketing your business onrepparttar 105151 Internet, start by writing a truly compelling headline for your site.

I’m not saying it won’t take some effort to write a good headline. I sometimes try up to 100 different options when writing a client’s website before coming up with a headline that’s just right.

But here are 6 tips that will makerepparttar 105152 headline writing process a whole lot quicker and easier for you.

Tip 1. Identifyrepparttar 105153 biggest benefit of your product or service.

This isrepparttar 105154 foundation on which a top-notch headline is built. You need to take a piece of paper and write down allrepparttar 105155 benefits your customer will receive from your product or service. What’s unique about your product or service?

Don’t neglect this step, or you’ll end up with a mediocre headline. If you’re already in business, you can ask some of your satisfied customers what they thinkrepparttar 105156 biggest benefit of your product or service is. If you’re just starting out, you need to put yourself inrepparttar 105157 shoes of your prospective customer and think what isrepparttar 105158 biggest benefit you’re offering them.

Once you have a list of benefits, narrow it down to one most powerful benefit. This isrepparttar 105159 starting point for your headline. A headline that’s centred around an appealing benefit is much more likely to attract interest than one that’s not benefit-centred.

Tip 2. Borrow ideas from other websites.

Don’t overlookrepparttar 105160 obvious source of headline ideas that other successful websites can provide. I’m not suggesting you steal a headline word for word. That’s plagiarism and it’s unethical. But no one can take exclusive ownership of any word or phrase.

Most professional copywriters have what they call a “swipe file”. It’s full of great ideas they’ve picked up from other people’s copy, which they can then modify to fitrepparttar 105161 particular situation they’re writing for.

You can dorepparttar 105162 same. Look around at other great headlines that get your attention. Get some ideas. Then try to work them around your own product or service.

Here’s a couple of examples of how copywriters have adapted an original headline for a different purpose:

Original: “They laughed when I sat down atrepparttar 105163 piano but they stopped when I started to play”. (John Caples)

Adaptation: “They laughed when I sat down atrepparttar 105164 piano. They stopped when I picked it up.” (Gold’s Gym)

Original: Breakfast of Champions (Wheaties cereal)

Adaptation: Breakfast of millionaires (Forbes Magazine).

There are countless ways you can adapt a headline for your own purpose. Or even combine part of one original headline with part of another. Just use your imagination.

Tip 3. Brainstorm headline ideas with others.

I’ve found this enormously useful when I’ve been stumped for a headline. Another person can often add an insight that you’ve overlooked. Sometimes, I will run a possible headline past my wife and she’ll come up with a slightly different twist that is much better.

Just letrepparttar 105165 ideas flow. It’s amazing what these kind of brainstorming sessions can come up with, even in just a few short minutes.

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