Why offline advertising is so important for websites

Written by Chris K.

It is important that anybody with a significant online presence understands why offline ads are so important and more so why they are usually much more effective than online advertisements. This is very useful knowledge that will no doubt impact dramatically onrepparttar success and profitability of any online enterprise. More so when numerous businesses have lost significant amounts trying to advertise online and have ended up with virtually nothing to show for their efforts. Evenrepparttar 150083 much-talked about pay-per-click ads have been hit by increasing click fraud in recent times. This is where software is created to continuously click at ads withrepparttar 150084 motive of landingrepparttar 150085 advertiser with a huge ad bill and no business. Other timesrepparttar 150086 software has been used to profit webmasters who postrepparttar 150087 pay-per-click ads as affiliates and earn a percentage ofrepparttar 150088 cash paid byrepparttar 150089 client for every single click that happens on their site.

Actuallyrepparttar 150090 very nature ofrepparttar 150091 World Wide Web has a lot to do with it not being suitable for traditional advertising. For starters, contrary to what most people think,repparttar 150092 net is not an advanced Television. It is very different fromrepparttar 150093 Television in that it is an interactive medium. It is actually an advancement onrepparttar 150094 Telephone. This means thatrepparttar 150095 person surfingrepparttar 150096 web chooses where they want to go, justrepparttar 150097 way you choose which calls you want to make to get information and which calls you want to receive. This isrepparttar 150098 reason why, while many people may be tolerant of advertisements coming to them on Television, they will usually get extremely upset with unsolicited ads coming to them throughrepparttar 150099 internet. Whether it is pop-up ads that interfere with their surfing experience or unsolicited mail in their email inbox,repparttar 150100 reaction is oftenrepparttar 150101 same.

How to attract advertisers for your site

Written by Michael Wall

How to attract advertisers for your site

Build a site with plenty of content Firstly it's pretty obvious that you need to build a site with plenty of content. You'll also need to have a targeted audience in mind fromrepparttar outset. My site was aimed atrepparttar 150043 beginner to intermediate ASP developer.

Promoterepparttar 150044 site You’ll need to promoterepparttar 150045 site in search engines, directories and exchange links with other similar sites and build uprepparttar 150046 site's reputation.

Look for similar sites on a related subject and advertisers To source advertisers look for those who are currently running ad campaigns on sites related to your topic. This way you know what companies will be receptive to your inquiry. Make a list of allrepparttar 150047 companies that you intend to contact. It's a good idea to also make a note of those companies that you do contact for future reference. You can noterepparttar 150048 date and whether you received a response amongst other things.

Contact advertisers – send an introductory email Contact those advertisers onrepparttar 150049 list either by email or phone. Below is a sample email that might give you some guidance on what to send.

===============Sample Email=====================

My name is Michael Wall, I amrepparttar 150050 owner and founder ofrepparttar 150051 website www.Codefixer.com which offers ASP tutorials, articles and resources aimed atrepparttar 150052 beginner to intermediate ASP.

I am actively looking for an advertiser for an available slot on my site (state which slot is available and provide a screenshot is appropriate).The slot is exclusive and non-rotating and sold on a month by month basis.

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