Why not take an online degree?

Written by Matt Russell

Itís possible to gain a degree entirely online. This is a relatively new phenomenon, though itís really an extension ofrepparttar distance learning option long favoured be universities.

Studying for a degree online benefits bothrepparttar 135827 student andrepparttar 135828 university. The student can fit her studies around her family and work commitments. Andrepparttar 135829 university can save on physical classroom space, not to mentionrepparttar 135830 need to supplyrepparttar 135831 student with printed study materials.

They can read this off their computer, or print it off themselves.

You can also combine online study with real lectures so youíve gotrepparttar 135832 best of both worlds. Part of your time you go into university and meet real people, andrepparttar 135833 rest ofrepparttar 135834 time you userepparttar 135835 communication powers ofrepparttar 135836 internet.

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: East West Healing Arts Institute

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Holistic Junction is delighted to presentrepparttar East West Healing Arts Institute asrepparttar 135641 featured school ofrepparttar 135642 week.

Their mission statement: '... Throughrepparttar 135643 commitment and extraordinary experience of highly qualified instructors and through techniques that have proven effective healing agents overrepparttar 135644 centuries, this school is dedicated to training each student to integrate and utilize their entire being in helping others....' East West Healing Arts Institute is located in attractive Madison, Wisconsin.

East West Healing Arts Institute offers a 10-month Massage Therapy program that awards its students with a diploma certifying them as an East-West Holistic Practitioner; and qualifying graduates are able to apply for massage therapist certification in most states. Its detailed program includes, but is not limited torepparttar 135645 following curriculum:

* CPR & First Aid * Introduction to Acupressure & TCM * TuiNa * Herbology * Qigong * Dr. Zhou's Chair Massage Routine * Tai Chi * Kinesiology

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