Why my Lactate Threshold Training is better than any other Strength Training System.

Written by Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT

It's a very simple training system. Consisting of using your body in space with simple counts. Music is optional. With every position and exercise your concentration is focused on alignment, form, breathing, pacing, contracting or relaxing. You can move easily and flow from one exercise torepparttar next with no wasted time or effort. Because it flows so well, you can make it cardiovascular or take designated controlled strength training time breaks. Imagine you can do a whole hour of cardio without getting onrepparttar 135835 boring, dreaded treadmill or elliptical machines. Atrepparttar 135836 same time you can tone and strengthen your core as well as every other muscle in your body. Strength training and cardio all in one! Since you are using your own body weight in different positions you can go deeper intorepparttar 135837 muscles for better sculpting and strength enhancement by holding positions, changingrepparttar 135838 rhythms, or alteringrepparttar 135839 positions slightly. You are always in total control of how much energy you exert for each exercise. If you want to sculpt deeper intorepparttar 135840 muscles, you simply arrange your positioning deeper intorepparttar 135841 exercise position. If you want to lighten uprepparttar 135842 load you simply releaserepparttar 135843 contraction to a more comfortable exertion level. You will learn specific breathing techniques to help you sustain more difficult positions, to make them more tolerable. Because you are using only your body in space there are no limitations torepparttar 135844 positions or exercises you can do. You are limited only by your own imagination. You can work every and any muscle in your entire body to its maximal exertion levels. There are no machines to waste time arranging and dismantling weights or changing positions. These exercises can be done anywhere with little or no equipment. You may want some privacy but if there is room for your body and available oxygen, you can dorepparttar 135845 workout! If you've ever used those gym machines, how do you think they translate into real life everyday activities or even sports? Maybe you get stronger? Maybe, but study after study has proven that training with traditional gym equipment doesn't carry over into day to day functioning or sports performance improvement. Lactate Threshold Strength Training does though. You are imitating with exertion simple everyday movements and from those positions holding, breathing and correcting alignment and perfecting form. So it completely translates intorepparttar 135846 day to day movements of life and living. Of course you can imitate your specific sports as well. Helping you make incredible sports performance gains. Lactate Threshold Strength Training also carries over into postural awareness and correction. We all know that correcting posture can make you look inches taller and years younger. Holding your body in specific positions with no distractions or machines to lean on puts you face to face with your postural habits so you work on them consciously with effort in every single exercise challenge.

Rebounding to Good Health

Written by Candice Pardue

An exercise that's often overlooked is one that can be fun forrepparttar whole family - and healthy! It's called rebounding and is performed using a rebounder (also known as a mini-trampoline).

Rebounding, an effective aerobic exercise and cardiovascular workout, is not only therapeutic, but burns calories as well. This exercise also increases strength, is good forrepparttar 135834 legs and joints, and is also known for improvingrepparttar 135835 digestion system and organ functions.

What isrepparttar 135836 Rebounder?

Developed 23 years ago by Al Carter, an exercise specialist,repparttar 135837 rebounder looks like a trampoline, only much smaller. It contains a round mat which is attached by thick springs to a stand. Duringrepparttar 135838 early 1980s, rebounding became a popular fad for working out. Rebounders were selling like hotcakes! Thoughrepparttar 135839 fad faded eventually, rebounders continue to spark interest inrepparttar 135840 media through new, innovative videos/DVDs being offered by fitness celebrities. Rebounders are still recommended for health improvement and fun exercise.

Combined Workouts to Helprepparttar 135841 Entire Body

Other exercises can be combined with rebounding workouts such as arm movements, jumping, twisting, etc. to maximizerepparttar 135842 effects ofrepparttar 135843 routine. Simply bouncing a few minutes a day can have a positive affect on a person's body by helping them to defy gravity and burn some extra calories inrepparttar 135844 process. The more movement andrepparttar 135845 more body parts that become involved inrepparttar 135846 exercise,repparttar 135847 better. Rebounding helps to strengthen cells inrepparttar 135848 body including bone and muscle cells.

How Do Beginners Use a Rebounder?

By starting with a simple bounce, beginners can move up and down without their feet leavingrepparttar 135849 mat. The rebounder will move for them. Anyone can benefit from this low-level activity until they feel comfortable with faster or higher movement. Once familiar with bouncing, one can begin to introduce various movements into their routine such as jumping jacks, arm flex's, chest exercises, etc.

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