Why is life so difficult

Written by paul green

I have always been hard working and have never had any time off work for sickness, I am a person that can be doing several things at once and remember everything that I have done. The business that I had I loved, it was hard but enjoyable. I had a contract to deliver business mail throughoutrepparttar country. With a business to run and 120 staff to look after I overlooked one main person,repparttar 143880 service centre manager.He did not like my success and overnight I lost every thing. Now beingrepparttar 143881 sort of person never to give up I decided to try and set up and run an internet business, not knowing atrepparttar 143882 time how hard it was going to be. I spent thousands of dollars on products that people told me I needed (big mistake). Looking back overrepparttar 143883 past 6 months I see myself as being very stupid, but then I sit in my chair and think, what aboutrepparttar 143884 thousands of other people inrepparttar 143885 same position as me. Now I’m a person that had no computer knowledge, I didn’t even know how to turn a computer on. But one day while surfing onrepparttar 143886 net I came to an interesting website and again I bought a few books, but these were different,repparttar 143887 author is a man called Jim Edwards,repparttar 143888 books were very informative, just what I needed. It gave me a big boost to carry on. I must admit at one stage I was onrepparttar 143889 brink of giving up, The best thing aboutrepparttar 143890 books were thatrepparttar 143891 author told you everything, he held nothing back I have seen other people selling items but you always had to buy other products to compliment what you had just bought. This author isrepparttar 143892 only person who hadrepparttar 143893 time and decency to e-mail me with any problem I encountered onrepparttar 143894 way; I can trust him to give me good sound advice.

Writing a catchy CV

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

Writing a Catchy CV

What is a CV for? A CV or resume is quite simply an advertisement to sell yourself to an employer. The purpose of your CV is to make you attractive, interesting, worth considering torepparttar company and so is helps you to get short-listed for interview orrepparttar 143864 written test.

An employer may have several hundred enquiries about a single job; he or she will only choose a few people who appear suitable for interview. Therefore, your CV must be as good as you can make it.

Your CV should be designed to differentiate you from rest ofrepparttar 143865 crowd: For that it should have following characteristics: - ·Be both informative and persuasive ·Highlight your marketable skills; abilities and work experience which are most useful to an employer and which matchrepparttar 143866 job requirements. ·Outline all relevant information about your education and work experience, which are most useful torepparttar 143867 job or, type of job you have targeted. ·Identifyrepparttar 143868 selling points that set you aside from other candidates. ·Communicate your most relevant qualifications and achievements to potential employers. ·Present your positive aspects in a concise and well-structured document.

Stick torepparttar 143869 Basic Rules ·The term "Bio-data" is out of fashion. Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more suitable to be used and leaves a better impact onrepparttar 143870 person reading it.

·Before writing your CV sit down and think as to what information you want to highlight.

·Include your achievements, your hobbies and interests, academic qualifications, details of your work experience (if any) and your job objectives. Don't write a final CV without including all these.

·Begin your CV with a section on personal particulars. Exclude family background. Write your date of birth and not your age by this you do not have to change your CV each time you send an application.

·Your CV must be easy to read, short and attractive and must distinguish you from others.

There are two communication principles to remember:

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