Why is any site special?

Written by Steve Nash

Is it becauserepparttar site is unique? Is it becauserepparttar 134656 site loads repparttar 134657 quickest, hasrepparttar 134658 freshest content, is easiest to use, or containsrepparttar 134659 best resources? Isrepparttar 134660 site so useful or so much fun that people SIMPLY CANNOT stop talking about it?

You guessed it, it's all ofrepparttar 134661 above (and more!).

Making any website a "wow!" takes time, and there really are no quick-fix solutions. But it is possible to make your site special - a site that visitors bookmark without you asking; one that they willingly tell ALL their friends about.


Use your brain! It is *the* single best resource you have when trying to create a website with wow-appeal. It is vital you use your brain to be creative, to be inventive, to be different! (I mean just how interested are you in yet another version of (the brilliantly simple) http://www.amihotornot.com ?)

If you have yet to build your site, I can recommend Site Build It!, however (http://buildit.sitesell.com/shopping101.html). Site Build It! lets you use your brain, lets you explore your passion. It providesrepparttar 134662 tools to allow you to build (and promote) a site that pleases bothrepparttar 134663 search engines AND site visitors. Quite simply, you concentrate on your business (or passion), let Site Build It! dorepparttar 134664 rest!


Intelligent and imaginative use of these excellent services WILL make your website a compelling place to visit, a website with "wow!"

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Adding Flash 4 to your website

Written by Robert Walters

Macromedia has takenrepparttar internet world by storm with its introduction of Flash a few years ago. What started as an animation tool has evolved into a full website development tool. After clinching several deals with major supporters like Microsoft and AOLrepparttar 134655 flash plugin is now standard on most browsers and is installed on 80% of them worldwide. What this means to you is that if you build it surfers will come. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of how Flash works, where to get a demo version, and how to get free flash programs to run on your website. First let's get throughrepparttar 134656 technical jargon. Flash creates graphics in what is called a vector format. Meaning that unlike gifs or jpegs, which remember each pixel inrepparttar 134657 graphic, vectors rememberrepparttar 134658 mathematical equation ofrepparttar 134659 graphic andrepparttar 134660 color that fills it. Therefore vector graphics are usually smaller in file size and can be scaled to any monitor size without any loss of quality. Gifs and jpegs get blurry when made larger . Since flash is just a series of mathematical equations and formulas full Flash 4 interfaces can be as small as 20 kilobytes. The newest version of Flash is number 4. Unlike its predecessors Flash 4 has most and if not more functionality than java, javascript, and dynamic html. Flash 4 goes beyond animation and allows you to have drag and drop interfaces, rollovers, input forms, drop-down menus, and database

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