Why is Affiliate Marketing Popular with Home Based Business Entrepreneurs?

Written by Kanaga Siva

The great strides made inrepparttar development ofrepparttar 143808 Internet inrepparttar 143809 recent past has enabled information to be transmitted thousands of miles away with such ease and clarity that time and space are hardly of any consequence torepparttar 143810 Internet Marketer today.

Marketing Programs have literally taken overrepparttar 143811 Internet and riding high, is Affiliate Marketing.

According torepparttar 143812 Computer Industry Almanac "The world-wide Internet population for 2004 was 934 million andrepparttar 143813 projection for 2006 is 1.21 billion."

Sean Michael Kerner in an article in Click Z News quoting a spokesman for eBay states "According to eBay their largest affiliate earned over $1.3 million dollars in January commission,repparttar 143814 largest amount yet in their affiliate program's history. Their top 25 affiliates averaged over $100,000 per month each andrepparttar 143815 top 100 affiliates earn almost $25,000 each per month."

With this sort of statistics around, is it any surprise that thousands of entrepreneurs especially those Home Based Business entrepreneurs with very small marketing budgets are jumping on torepparttar 143816 Affiliate Marketing band-wagon!

Given below are some ofrepparttar 143817 Popular reasons for this desire and urge to do Affiliate Marketing:

1. Cost Factor: Most Entrepreneurs refrain from starting a brick and mortar business or for that matter a Home Based Business (non internet) because ofrepparttar 143818 investment required. In Affiliate Marketingrepparttar 143819 set-up cost is negligible with most programs being free to join andrepparttar 143820 merchant even providing you withrepparttar 143821 tools, tips and websites.

2. Pick and Choose Products: With dozens of Affiliate Program providers and thousands of merchants having their own affiliate programs, there are several thousands of products to choose from. You name it they have it! In fact there are even Fortune 500 companies to choose from. The idea is to pick and choose your niche products and promote them.

3. No need for an Inventory. The hassle of purchasing, stocking of items and storing of finished items (in a production unit) and dispatching them are not there. There is no need to maintain an inventory. It is all handled byrepparttar 143822 merchant.

4. No need for Employees. In any businessrepparttar 143823 wages ofrepparttar 143824 employees is one ofrepparttar 143825 major expenditures to contend with. Hererepparttar 143826 problem does not arise sincerepparttar 143827 marketer himself will operate his home business and probably getrepparttar 143828 assistance of a family member to help him.

Launching Your Affiliate Program Correctly

Written by Mark Kenny

To any Internet Marketer these days an affiliate program is absolutely essential marketing method of achieving a decent e-growth. Allowing others to promote your products or services can berepparttar most efficient way of selling your products as you only pay for successful results, whether these are leads, sales Or traffic.

Unfortunately withrepparttar 143788 hundreds of affiliate programs that are started weekly by merchants, Attracting Your fair share of affiliates willing to participate in your program is never an easy goal unless you are already experienced in such matters.

With this in mind there are several solutions catered towards announcing your program torepparttar 143789 industry. The most obvious solution is offered by affiliate program submission services which submit your program torepparttar 143790 relevant directories, inrepparttar 143791 hope that affiliate marketers will find and join your program. These can charge up to $300 (Usd) which may seem a bit excessive for inclusion inrepparttar 143792 majority of directories.

Onrepparttar 143793 positive side they will present your program accurately and promptly torepparttar 143794 correct editors, And these submission services are normally very well established and recognised as professionals byrepparttar 143795 editors of such directories. You'll find that most directories themselves recommend you use these services.

An alternative method is to submit your site manually to these affiliate directories. This will take a lot of time as researching these directories alone can be a mammoth task. You can easily spend a week just finding these directories & even with a complete list Of directories you'll discover that some will only accept submissions fromrepparttar 143796 paid submission services. If your going to follow this route, Affiliatecrashcourse.com offers an ebook containing a list of such directories saving you days of searching though Google & Yahoo forrepparttar 143797 results. The majority of directories are free to list in, Offering you an upgraded spot for a small fee.

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