Why has my site disappeared from Google?

Written by Edward Clarke

Why has my site disappeared from Google?

This is a very common question and it happens torepparttar very best of websites. If you're sure your website was previously listed in Google and had some value, then has suddenly disappeared, you'll need to start investigatingrepparttar 145793 reasons why and how you can resolverepparttar 145794 problem.

We'll take a step by step approach and be methodical about this as it'srepparttar 145795 only way to truly determinerepparttar 145796 blame and hopefully resolverepparttar 145797 problem.

Step 1 - How do I check if my website is listed with Google?

First of all, visit www.google.com and type your website address intorepparttar 145798 search box, then press search. If you get a result, you're in Google. Move on to Step 3. If not, then chances are you've either mispelled your domain name, so check carefully, otherwise, you're banned. In this case, move on to Step 2.

Step 2 - Help, my site has been banned from Google

The very first thing you have to do is clean up your website. If you have any ofrepparttar 145799 following issues, remove or deal with them immediately.

>> Was your website down during Googlebots visit? If so, consider another hosting provider. >> Duplicate websites are also dismissed. Check for your content on other peoples websites. Google may have favoured them over you. >> Check and remove any hidden tricks or spam. White text on white background is common. This is likely to berepparttar 145800 main reason for being banned or dropped. Check for hidden elements, doorway pages, client sniffers sending different content to different users etc. >> Although you can't ulmimately control your inbound links, avoid bad neighbourhoods such as massive link farms, spammy directories full of adverts etc when seeking links.

Once you're sure your website is clean, write an email to Google explaining your circumstances. Tell them your website is now tidy and full of important information, there are no hidden tricks employed and that you have learnt your lesson. Also provide full contact information. If you have relied on a search engine optimisation company to promote your website, it is recommended to provide Google with their information too and it helps them get a better understanding ofrepparttar 145801 tricks employed and how to provide a better service.

If done correctly, Google should respond and start to include your website within a few weeks, however, be prepared to wait.

Step 3 - Why has my Google rank be dropped?

First of all, is your site new? If so, you could be trapped inrepparttar 145802 highly controversial and theoretical "Google sandbox". Whether this really exists or not is unimportant asrepparttar 145803 symptoms most certainly do. The sandbox is like a probationary period for new sites. It can take months to climb out but if your site is under 6 months old then use this time to publish content rich information, articles andrepparttar 145804 like as well as getting some quality links from other relevant sources and directories. Be patient and keep watching results.

Making the Sale When the Customer Won't Buy

Written by Kara Kelso

Makingrepparttar Sale Whenrepparttar 145758 Customer Won't Buy

Ever had a party online or offline, and had guests say "I love that item, but I can't afford it right now", or "It's so hard to decide, I want all of this!". This is a perfect time to sell all those items to your customer without them having to pay a dime.

If you aren't using this idea already, make sure to put it into action immediately. Have a gift registry form ready to point those customers to should they want extra items they simply can not buy right now.

What they do is fill out their information, special dates (Birthdays, Anniversary, etc), andrepparttar 145759 products they want. Then, they fill out names and contact information of relatives and friends they know they will be receiving gifts from. You contactrepparttar 145760 relatives, stating where you received their information and what's onrepparttar 145761 wish list you hold. Ask them if they would like a reminder beforerepparttar 145762 special date, and which item they will be purchasing.

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