Why does my business need a website?

Written by Stephanie Foster

It almost seems to be a must now -repparttar business website. From huge corporations to brand-new businesses, whether you are in sales or service, you've thought about getting a website. But what good does it really do your business? What if you are purely local?

Having a website shows that you are committed to your business and being competitive. If you are local, say so on your website. You will still reach more of your local community through your website than through many other media. A website is a great addition to all your marketing materials, from business cards to television commercials.

A website can be a very inexpensive form of advertising. You can offer your audience much more information about your products or services on a website than in any other form of advertising, and it can be changed at a moment's notice. Just think about how much work it takes to make one small change in a regular advertising campaign. There'srepparttar 117244 time to createrepparttar 117245 new campaign, produce it and get it out torepparttar 117246 consumer. With a website, you can make small or large changes very quickly.

Four Things NOT to do on Your Website

Written by Stephanie Foster

Youírerepparttar proud owner of a great business, and you want to tellrepparttar 117243 world. While that is a good idea, you need to do it right, or ruin your companyís reputation. Inrepparttar 117244 online world, people donít know you, they know your business. Follow some basic rules to keep your reputation intact.

1. This isrepparttar 117245 big one: DO NOT SPAM! I cannot emphasize this one enough. If you buy an email list, make sure it is from a reputable company. Some just wander throughrepparttar 117246 web harvesting email addresses. Ifrepparttar 117247 list is too cheap, it is probably not legitimate. Not only will most just delete your message, if it even makes it pastrepparttar 117248 spam filter, you may get reported to your ISP and shut down.

2. Do not place popup ads all over your site. Popup ads have their place, but use them with caution. Too many popups are an annoyance. They can be effective, however, for advertising specials or newsletters.

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