Why do we butcher our profits Online?

Written by Paul Barrs

(c) Paul Barrs 2002

Now this makes me angry!

Why do we butcher our profits when selling Online?

I can't stand it.

How many times I've seen what looks to be a quality product selling forrepparttar stupid price of $9.95 or some great package of products for $19.95 - I cannot count.

Arerepparttar 108470 creators of such products insane?

Are they scared that you'll not make any sales at all?

Just this morning while following posts on a message forum I came across yet another site that sells a terrific range of info products - each which can be bought separately. But this webmaster had bundled them together and was selling them for less than one fifth of what he could get if sold separately.

Why doesn't he at least triple his price and sell them for minimum half forrepparttar 108471 package.

Overrepparttar 108472 past two months I've made numerous International phone calls to talk with other net business owners who are also feeling frustrated.

Because ofrepparttar 108473 nut-crackers out there who butcher prices, we all are suffering. Think about it people - let's look atrepparttar 108474 math.

Let's use a product example of an incredible eBook called "Widgets Unlimited" (yes it's fictional)

It's easily worth $150 - this is hot and hasrepparttar 108475 references to go with it.

However,repparttar 108476 webmaster sells it (or a re seller ever worse) forrepparttar 108477 all time low price of $14.95 (and don't laugh - this happens)

He (or she forrepparttar 108478 ladies) sells 500 copies inrepparttar 108479 first month. $14.95 x 500 = $7,475.00

Now that's not bad, we'd all like to be doing that right?

But let's assume thatrepparttar 108480 sales copy is great,repparttar 108481 book is fantastic, people are raving about it all overrepparttar 108482 net.

Sorepparttar 108483 price becomes $49 and he (or she - although it's usually guys that do this stupid thing) only sells halfrepparttar 108484 volume. $49.00 x 250 = $12,250.00

That's fewer products for more income. Less customer returns (if any), less download problems, less browser based problems etc. Win win.


Written by Craig Lock

I believe ebook publishing isrepparttar way ofrepparttar 108469 future (as shown by Steven King's "Ridingrepparttar 108470 Bullet"), though I believe there will always be a place for traditional publishing with paper books. People will always love holding a real book out inrepparttar 108471 sun for their holiday reading. I just believe electronic-publishing is way cheaper and immediate compared to "hard copy" publishing. Thus it has many benefits forrepparttar 108472 reading consumer, as well as talented new authors, who may find great difficulty in getting their work accepted by traditional publishing houses- especiallyrepparttar 108473 well-known ones who rarely take on new authors inrepparttar 108474 current harsh publishing environment. In addition, things are moving so fast with reading aids in electronic publishing. New technology is constantly developing repparttar 108475 hand-held reader, so soon you may be able to down-load novels atrepparttar 108476 beach. Mayrepparttar 108477 two forms of publishing work in tandem inrepparttar 108478 future, torepparttar 108479 benefit ofrepparttar 108480 consumer. In time all of Craig Lock's 17 books will be available both electronically, as well as paper copies. We have an ultimate vision (or dream) of Gisborne onrepparttar 108481 East Coast ofrepparttar 108482 North Island of scenic and tranquil New Zealand being a "renowned and recognised" centre of electronic, as well as conventional publishing, a world-renowned centre in providing quality courses in distance education and adult online teaching. perhaps one day even a centre of excellence in developing technology inrepparttar 108483 South Pacific. (Thanks to my "technogeek" associates, Stefan Van Lingen, Bill and Erich for all their help, drive, talent and vision, as I don't understand modern technology).

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