Why do some hate more than others? (E)

Written by Terry Dashner

Why do some hate more than others? (E)

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Why do some people hate more than others? I’ve researchedrepparttar experts, andrepparttar 132181 answers are varied. People, kindred, tribes, and nations hate because, according torepparttar 132182 experts, there is too much poverty and too much social exclusion and too much political exploitation and too much sin. And based upon my educational background, my studies and research, my Biblical beliefs, and my years of living experiences, I concur also. I have no reasonable objections to their reasons why. There is, however, one thingrepparttar 132183 experts have overlooked. I want to share with you one important reason why some people groups hate more than other groups of people.

Hate can be accentuated and aggravated by a force or entity that is beyondrepparttar 132184 physical grasp of man. The force I’m referring to is not physical but metaphysical. It’s an entity of minions underrepparttar 132185 command of Satan himself. Inrepparttar 132186 Biblerepparttar 132187 Apostle Paul refers to these demons as “principalities” “powers” “rulers of darkness” and “spiritual wickedness” ruling overrepparttar 132188 atmosphere. The Greek imagery that Paul alludes to is an echelon of military command. In other words, Satan rules over an atmospheric command of demonic powers, which appear to be assigned in rank and file to various and certain regions ofrepparttar 132189 earth.

There are many passages inrepparttar 132190 Bible that hint at this satanic command structure. One ofrepparttar 132191 most familiar texts is Daniel 10: 12-13 “Then he said to me, ‘Do not be afraid, Daniel, for fromrepparttar 132192 first day that you set your heart on understanding this and on humbling yourself before your god, your words were heard, and I have come in response to your words. (13) Butrepparttar 132193 prince ofrepparttar 132194 kingdom of Persia was withstanding me for twenty-one days…’” (NASB)

One reason Jesus allowed demons who were cast out of people by His hand to avoid consignment torepparttar 132195 pits of hell where they are destined to go atrepparttar 132196 end of time is because they are free to roam specific areas onrepparttar 132197 earth until their final judgment. (In one instance some demons requested to enter a heard of swine instead of being forced out of their specific region. Jesus allowed this, which seems to supportrepparttar 132198 argument that demons may roam and rule over certain regions, territories or even nations untilrepparttar 132199 end ofrepparttar 132200 age and their final judgment.)

If demonic powers are real and rule by order of a hierarchy over various regions ofrepparttar 132201 earth (even assigned to certain nations), it makes sense that some people are enticed, stirred, agitated to hate their fellowmen more so than others. If a demonic order has ruled over a tribe of people for centuries, it makes sense that certain patterns of hate and destruction are repeated torepparttar 132202 point of being predictable. The problem is this. Whenrepparttar 132203 weapons of men were sticks and stones their hate was dangerous, no doubt, but their weapons were not capable of burning uprepparttar 132204 entire world. Today’s nuclear power is a real concern inrepparttar 132205 hands of men who are agitated by demonic powers. (Terrorists, who once used conventional weapons against Americans, now may have nuclear weapons soon according to Time magazine, dated February 14, 2005.)

Make A Difference: Boycott Wal-Mart

Written by Gary Whittaker

Forrepparttar everyday individual, companies like Wal-Mart have been a source of great deals, where goods can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive sum. These companies preach never-ending low costs forrepparttar 132180 benefit ofrepparttar 132181 consumer. Most of us have taken that as face value, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue annually. Wal-Mart in particular has been one ofrepparttar 132182 major beneficiaries of your hard earned dollar. They promote themselves as being concerned aboutrepparttar 132183 family, about customer server. Recent events however, have caused us to look a little more deeply into this chain of stores. Many of us have already heard about their North American corporate practices. They have responded to charges of forced overtime, pay inequity, unsafe working conditions withrepparttar 132184 usual corporate schpeal of having to better train their management staff. The average person has either accepted it, or simply chosen to ignore it, preferring to worry aboutrepparttar 132185 drama of their own lives. But that is notrepparttar 132186 end of this story. Wal-Mart recently decided to close downrepparttar 132187 first and only unionized store to date, sighting loss of profitability.

If a store like Walmart, who routinely subcontracts their manufacturing to companies that pays their employees much less than minimum wage, cannot make a profit in a unionized environment in North America, than what it that saying forrepparttar 132188 rest ofrepparttar 132189 companies out there? Wal-Mart is not only inrepparttar 132190 business of providing low costs on merchandise, but in human labour as well. While they are notrepparttar 132191 only ones doing it, they arerepparttar 132192 ones that have profitedrepparttar 132193 most by it. What prevents a company that sponsors 7 day a week, 12 + hour shift with NO overtime inrepparttar 132194 3rd world from trying to dorepparttar 132195 same legal equivalent here? This is a company that has made over 9 Billion dollars in 2004.

What does that have to do withrepparttar 132196 average everyday individual? Plenty. Many jobs inrepparttar 132197 manufacturing industry are being lost to those same 3rd world countries, because there is no protection forrepparttar 132198 common man. They do not enjoyrepparttar 132199 same freedoms and opportunities that we do in North America. They cannot just pick up and choose to work elsewhere. They cannot just choose to go back to school and get government loans. They will take, and stay with any job they can get, regardless of their working conditions because there simply are no other alternatives. So when North Americans lose their jobs in that industry, they are forced to work for lower and lower wages, and subsequently their buying power goes down. With a lowering buying power, companies like Wal-Mart make more profit as people seek to stretch their dollar as far as they can.

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