Why do some hate more than others? (C)

Written by Terry Dashner

Why do some hate more than others? (C)

Terry Dashner…………………………………….Faith Fellowship Church in Broken Arrow, OK

Again quoting from my trusty text entitled, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Conflicts (Alpha 2002/Steven Strauss), “…war, what is it good for?”

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in a press briefing on September 18, 2001 said, “It will not be quick and it will not be easy. Our Adversaries are not one or two terrorist leaders, or even a single terrorist organization or network. It’s a broad network of individuals and organizations that are determined to terrorize and, in so doing, to deny usrepparttar very essence of what we are: free people.”

Do you realizerepparttar 132188 costs involved in being and remaining a “free people?” I think you do because you voted in 2004 to stayrepparttar 132189 course in Iraq in spite ofrepparttar 132190 death toll of young American soldiers, civilians, andrepparttar 132191 negative consequences associated with standing up for what is right: Freedom—that’s what’s right, and that’s what costs so much. Before I get carried away, let me return torepparttar 132192 topic at hand: Why do some hate more than others?

“According to a report by Radio Free Europe journalist Anthony Georgieff,repparttar 132193 Center for War and Peace Research in Uppsala, Sweden issued a report which stated that most armed conflict today occurs within a country’s own borders, whereas in years past, most wars were fought between different countries.

“What is even more interesting, according torepparttar 132194 report, is that poverty wasrepparttar 132195 major cause of about 80 percent of today’s wars. Poorer countries were found to be three times at greater risk of war than richer countries. Indeed, throughoutrepparttar 132196 decade ofrepparttar 132197 ‘90s, most wars were fought by countries with severe economic problems.

Why do some hate more than others? (D)

Written by Terry Dashner

Why do some hate more than others? (D)

Terry Dashner………………………..Faith Fellowship Church in Broken Arrow, OK

In this paper I’m going to bullet nations that hate some nations more than others. Many countries have one or two enemies they have been fighting since ancient times. Why do they continue to fight each other over and over without any measurable results? Why can’t they just call it even and stoprepparttar fighting for good?

Let’s look at this.

•The first bullet highlightsrepparttar 132186 continuing struggle between East and West. The East and West have had awkward relationships sincerepparttar 132187 first century A.D. The West was highly influenced byrepparttar 132188 Roman Catholic Church fromrepparttar 132189 fall of Rome untilrepparttar 132190 Protestant Reformation inrepparttar 132191 16th century. Onrepparttar 132192 other hand,repparttar 132193 East was mostly a hodgepodge of paganism untilrepparttar 132194 7th century. Whenrepparttar 132195 Muslims came out ofrepparttar 132196 deserts of Saudi Arabia to conquerrepparttar 132197 world inrepparttar 132198 name of Allah and had not Charles Martel stopped them atrepparttar 132199 Battle of Tours, I would not be writing aboutrepparttar 132200 conflict betweenrepparttar 132201 East and West. The West would have joinedrepparttar 132202 Asians (by force of course) in surrendering to Islam andrepparttar 132203 Islamic republic. The struggle today betweenrepparttar 132204 two is really not religious but political. Islam can not haverepparttar 132205 world influence it seeks without establishing an Islamic republic inrepparttar 132206 nations it dominates (underrepparttar 132207 guise of a peaceful religion of course).

•The second bullet showcasesrepparttar 132208 Middle East mess. The conflict ofrepparttar 132209 ages will climax in Israel. This is according torepparttar 132210 Bible. I have no reason to doubt that. The hate goes back to ancient Bible days. Abraham had two sons. One wasrepparttar 132211 son of promise—Isaac. The other wasrepparttar 132212 son of Hagar, a handmaid to Abraham’s wife, Sarah. Both rightfully claim Abraham as his father, and that’srepparttar 132213 problem today. The Jews are descended from Isaacrepparttar 132214 son of promise with a promised land called Israel. The Arabs of today are descendents of Ishmael and feel slighted byrepparttar 132215 Jews ostensibly becauserepparttar 132216 Jews have what they think is theirs (and family feuds can get nasty). The struggle and fighting betweenrepparttar 132217 Jews and Arabs will continue untilrepparttar 132218 end ofrepparttar 132219 age. There will be periods of fragile peace, but it will always give way to more fighting eventually. (I say this because of my Bible beliefs.)

•The third bullet highlights some ofrepparttar 132220 ancient eastern cultures that were not given national boundaries when Europe and her allies carved out a world map afterrepparttar 132221 First World War. If you remember your history, President Wilson put togetherrepparttar 132222 League of Nations which was, in some ways, a forerunner torepparttar 132223 United Nations. Althoughrepparttar 132224 US Senate would not ratify Wilson’s League of Nations,repparttar 132225 powers that wonrepparttar 132226 war went ahead and carved uprepparttar 132227 old Ottoman Empire. Nations like Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and etc., became boundaries of sovereign nations. There was one problem withrepparttar 132228 drawing up of nations. Some ancient cultures likerepparttar 132229 Kurds got nothing. The Kurds found themselves strewn across several new countries without a voice. That’s why people from Pakistan haterepparttar 132230 Kurds, simply becauserepparttar 132231 Kurds hate them.

•The forth bullet marksrepparttar 132232 fall of English and French colonialism in Asia and Africa inrepparttar 132233 19th and 20th centuries. When they pulled out of various nations becauserepparttar 132234 nation’s minerals and other natural resources were exhausted, a vacuum was created inrepparttar 132235 nations they left behind. Because ofrepparttar 132236 poverty, anarchy, and political corruption that followed, many of these nations started killing each other simply because there was no order or control. Some became wars of genocide. Some became wars of ethnic cleansings. Some became wars for political control. But all were and still are violent, having murdered millions of civilians throughoutrepparttar 132237 decades.

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