Why do many people fail in Affiliate Marketing!

Written by Jonathan White

Affiliate marketing has been around onrepparttar Web for quite sometime now, but there are still a lot of people who doesn't know much or even nothing about it. Most ofrepparttar 102358 people that don't know about affiliate marketing and has just discovered it normally thinks that they can make a quick buck or two. Well that's notrepparttar 102359 case.

To do well in affiliate marketing is not just a one-day task. Affiliate marketing is like an on going assignment where you have to try different things out like different advertising techniques, different ways of adding affiliate banners and text links to your site, etc. You may even have to join a number of affiliate programs just to see which ones performsrepparttar 102360 best withrepparttar 102361 other content that you already have on your site.

Another thing is that many affiliates expect to do well from just having a list of about 20 affiliated banners on one page of their site. Well that’s not exactly true as people will see your web page and won't even bother clicking on any ofrepparttar 102362 banners to go to your affiliated sites as your web page just looks like a link farm. How people think they can make money this way, I really don't know as affiliate marketing takes time and effort before any results can be seen.

The Problem with the Affiliate System

Written by Rick Hendershot

I've recently been reminded that product reviews and recommendations from "affiliates" are completely unreliable and untrustworthy.

Anybody who has dabbled in web marketing knows that a prime source of revenue for web marketers is selling "affiliate" products. If you don't have your own product — and many of us do not — then all you have to do is get your web visitors to click thru to "gurus" like Jim Daniels, Cory Rudl, or Ken Evoy, and they will gladly give you anywhere from 25% to 60% ofrepparttar retail price just forrepparttar 102357 click thru.

Everybody inrepparttar 102358 business seems to think this is a wonderful system. What could be better? You build traffic to your site and gradually gain credibility as a reliable source of marketing information. And you leaverepparttar 102359 product development torepparttar 102360 guys who really know what they're doing.

You send themrepparttar 102361 prospects. They send yourepparttar 102362 checks. Cha-ching.

Just another "marketing expert"

Unfortunatelyrepparttar 102363 only products worth selling are "info-products" that pay large commissions. Companies that sell "real" products like golf balls, computers, and books pay such a small commission it is hardly worth your while sticking their link on your site.

So this means that in order to make money as an affiliate, you have to become another ofrepparttar 102364 thousands of Mini Marketing Gurus out there. And because there are so many of us, your chances of actually making any money are pretty slim.

Mini Gurus are just lemmings

Even worse, while you build your business and (maybe) develop your own products and services, you must prostitute yourself torepparttar 102365 gurus who already haverepparttar 102366 products.

Because as far as I can tellrepparttar 102367 "affiliate" relationship turns us into lemmings.

It encourages newly created Mini Gurus to latch onto affiliate products in an absolutely uncritical way. Many of these products are nothing more than glorified "how to" manuals, but intense hype by experienced marketers turns them into "super products". And a bevy of willing affiliates cannot offer objective information about them because they think their livelihood depends on selling them.

For instance, Ken Evoy has thousands and thousands of affiliates for his SiteSell products -- including his flagship product called Site Build It. Do you thinkrepparttar 102368 fact that someone stands to make money by selling a product affects his or her objectivity about it?

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