Why do language training programs fail?

Written by Gordon Graham

If you want to make your training program succeed, you have to look beyondrepparttar class and atrepparttar 109456 company itself. As a trainer you have a shared responsibility, along withrepparttar 109457 company, of ensuring that what's learned inrepparttar 109458 classroom is transferred over torepparttar 109459 day-to-day activities ofrepparttar 109460 company. It is only when this transfer occurs, thatrepparttar 109461 program can be seen as effective. The following tips are designed to help you make informed decisions when planning a course, and also help make your courses more effective.

We hope you findrepparttar 109462 tips helpful:

Make adequate pre-course preparation. Never accept "We wantrepparttar 109463 class to start tonight" fromrepparttar 109464 pesron responsible for arrangingrepparttar 109465 class. On many occasions, this member of staff is in such a rush to getrepparttar 109466 assigned task "out ofrepparttar 109467 way," that essential steps are ignored. If you wantrepparttar 109468 class to work, take your time and followrepparttar 109469 tips below.

Listen to whatrepparttar 109470 company are saying to you. Get a feel forrepparttar 109471 company culture, try to envision whatrepparttar 109472 class will be like. Remember that you are interviewingrepparttar 109473 company as much as they are interviewing you. Some classes can be more trouble than they are worth—if you suspect that this isrepparttar 109474 case, use your judgement to decide whether it's worth working with this particular company.

Try and find out as much as you can about whatrepparttar 109475 company does, whatrepparttar 109476 class members actually do atrepparttar 109477 company, andrepparttar 109478 English skills they need to dorepparttar 109479 job effectively.

Find out who maderepparttar 109480 decision to learn English and for what purpose. On many occassionsrepparttar 109481 decision comes not fromrepparttar 109482 students but management. Sometimes training is viewed as a perk, or as some solution torepparttar 109483 company's inability to compete in its market. Situations like these can create motivational problems withrepparttar 109484 group—somethingrepparttar 109485 trainer has to deal with.

A trainer cannot change a company's culture, however, he can create a positive classroom environment. We suggest that you try and achieverepparttar 109486 following to keeprepparttar 109487 students motivated in your classes: Strive to makerepparttar 109488 energy in your classes high with clear transitions from each stage ofrepparttar 109489 lesson.

How Papyrus sheets Are Made

Written by Dr.Nabil Elkhawaga

Steps of Making Papyrus Sheets;

Papyrus isrepparttar ancient Egyptians invention for writing paper, and it wasrepparttar 109455 most important writing material inrepparttar 109456 ancient world. Our word "Paper" derives fromrepparttar 109457 word "papyrus", an ancient Egyptian word that originally meant "that which belongs torepparttar 109458 house i.e.repparttar 109459 bureaucracy of ancient Egypt". Papyrus is a common marsh plant having a triangular reed that used to grow alongrepparttar 109460 banks ofrepparttar 109461 river Nile. The paper was made fromrepparttar 109462 pith of a papyrus,repparttar 109463 tall stems were cut down and carried off in bundles. Each stem was stripped of it is rind and cut into short pieces which were then cut lengthwise into narrow strips. The papyrus pith was kept soaked in water untilrepparttar 109464 fibers become flexible and translucent. Two layers of papyrus strips arranged at right angles were put on

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