Why do I publish thee?

Written by By Linda Landry

Why do I publish thee? By Linda Landry

Creating and publishing an electronic newsletter has been an experience. I still do not think I have it down pat, yet, but I do believe I am making progress. There have been so many scares withinrepparttar last year about sp'am, filters, and pay to send. It is enough to make anyone with half a brain QUIT. Well, I haven't quit, so I either have more than half a brain, or less. Please, no comments fromrepparttar 124256 peanut gallery! :~)

Seriously, publishing a 'zine has it's rewards. I have found that it has afforded merepparttar 124257 opportunity to establish an online connection with some great people who would have otherwise remained anonymous to me. There are obviously some very sincere and giving people who are using their computer to establish themselves in a business at home. I am glad to be counted in that number.

Working at home isrepparttar 124258 ideal situation for many today. Establishing an office steps away fromrepparttar 124259 kitchen,repparttar 124260 laundry andrepparttar 124261 kids is so convenient. Taking into considerationrepparttar 124262 overhead felt by commuters, and brick and mortar establishments, we realize thatrepparttar 124263 home biz is smart. The added tax advantage, call it a shelter, is so beneficial when you considerrepparttar 124264 cost of housing is your biggest expense.

So that is why I publish a 'zine! For allrepparttar 124265 net 'marketeers' who seek an affordable media to promote their online opps. We are all in this together and unless YOU are listed inrepparttar 124266 top ten on search engines, you need to market your wares or biz opps. Electronic newsletters allow you to do this at minimal cost, which byrepparttar 124267 way is tax deductible.

Changing Your Mind About Change

Written by C.L.Hanna

Change is inevitable...so why is it something so many of us avoid?

Spring is only weeks away and as everything around us outdoors becomes ‘new' and colorful again, many of us begin to desirerepparttar same effect on everything aound us indoors, as well. There's just something about a fresh coat of paint, folds of new fabric onrepparttar 124255 windows, or even a different arrangement ofrepparttar 124256 furniture, that can renew our spirits. Change can be like a breath of Spring! While change, of any kind, can be harder for some personality types than others, change is usually a good thing - for all of us. Change can offer us a different perspective, a new attitude, even a new purpose. So what keeps us from changingrepparttar 124257 kitchen wall color, orrepparttar 124258 placement ofrepparttar 124259 living room sofa? After all, it's not like changing careers, orrepparttar 124260 color of our hair...in fact, changing one's hair color can actually be an easier decision for some thanrepparttar 124261 moving ofrepparttar 124262 T.V.! But why?

Perhaps, fear of change inside our homes comes fromrepparttar 124263 threat to our comfort zones.

You rely on your hairdresser to give you a professional opinion on hair color and hair style; maybe even refusing to give you what you want. Just because you saw a certain hair color or style on your favorite movie-star - that doesn't mean that it would be right for you. But, when it comes to choosingrepparttar 124264 color palette for your dining room orrepparttar 124265 perfect accents forrepparttar 124266 new bedroom...it can be equally scary without someone you trust to steer you inrepparttar 124267 right direction.

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