Why do I (you) collect?

Written by Tonie Konig

I just got back fromrepparttar vet with my cat "Spud". He gave us quite a scare, we went away for a couple of day’s vacation and on our return we found him very listless. He just laid there in one spot and wouldn't eat or drink any water.

I don't know about you but my heart ran cold with images of what could be wrong, why is he so listless, is he just upset with me for leaving him alone for a while or does he have a virus, was he in a fight, was he poisoned and thus it stormed in my mind....

Now we had a very good friend taking care of him and his uncle "Tigger" while we were away so we knew they were in good hands. To make a long story short we rushed him off torepparttar 151153 vet where he was admitted torepparttar 151154 animal hospital and a drip put up.

What was wrong with him - a mystery BUT he is better and that is all that counts........

You are probably wondering why I'm telling you this story....

It is simple, with "Spud" being sick it made me think about how much he means to me and my family and God forbid what it would be like should anything happen to him.

If you would like to see what "Spud" looks like and where he got his name from have a look here: http://www.fine-animal-collectibles.com

An Easier Way To Recover Treasure On The Beach

Written by Dean Novosat

treasure hunters know thatrepparttar wet sand atrepparttar 151119 edge ofrepparttar 151120 beach isrepparttar 151121 best place to find valuable treasure. However,repparttar 151122 ocean seems like it always doesn't want to give up this treasure. Inevitably, as soon as we detect a good target, and began to digrepparttar 151123 target,repparttar 151124 water rises making it difficult, if not impossible, to recoverrepparttar 151125 target. Even withrepparttar 151126 best scoops available, it is sometimes very difficult and frustrating to try to recover targets atrepparttar 151127 edge ofrepparttar 151128 surf.

However, there is a simple tool that anyone can make that will make war recovery easier. simply taken old 5 gal. drywall bucket and cut outrepparttar 151129 bottom. also removerepparttar 151130 handle as it is metal and may interfere. String section of rope throughrepparttar 151131 handle holes so you have an easy way to carryrepparttar 151132 bucket. I prefer to carryrepparttar 151133 bucket on my belt.

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