Why be part of an affiliate program?

Written by Ray S.

Why be part of an affiliate program?

The startup is low. Most ofrepparttar time it is free to sign up with an affiliate program. Those that do charge a fee usually set you up with a web site. Compared to what it would cost you to do it on your own itís worth it. The only money you might spend is to advertiserepparttar 147825 site. There are many ways to get free advertising You donít have to be selling your own product, which eliminates extra cost on your part. You donít have to worry about taking orders or accepting credit cards. The affiliate company does all that. You can begin to make money quickly. As soon as you sign up as an affiliate you are ready to make money. I suggest you sign up with more than one affiliate program. The more affiliate programs you promote,repparttar 147826 more streams of income you will have.

The Secret Shady Practices of Affiliate Marketing

Written by Keith Rougvie

You've probably heard it a hundred times...affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.

What if I told you affiliate marketing was basically unethical or thatrepparttar field is dominated by shady practices?

You disagree?

Well let's explore affiliate marketing fromrepparttar 147770 merchant, affiliate and customer viewpoints.

Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing partnership between a web merchant and one or more affiliates, whererepparttar 147771 affiliate is paid a commission for referring clicks, leads or, most often, sales torepparttar 147772 merchant.

The affiliate signs up torepparttar 147773 affiliate program via an online application form, receives an affiliate link, and can then promoterepparttar 147774 products and services ofrepparttar 147775 web merchant via his own website, ezine, pay per click search engines or other advertising means.

The affiliate's role, then, is to introducerepparttar 147776 potential buyer torepparttar 147777 seller acting as a kind of middleman.

In return he is paid a commission of any sales resulting from referrals.

But haven't we always been taught to cut outrepparttar 147778 middleman where possible?

Well, yes, but in affiliate marketingrepparttar 147779 customer paysrepparttar 147780 same price regardless of whether he arrives atrepparttar 147781 web merchant's site directly or viarepparttar 147782 affiliate's link.

Or at least that's how it should be.

How doesrepparttar 147783 web merchant benefit from running an affiliate program?

The main advantage torepparttar 147784 web merchant is that via his affiliate program he can recruit a large sales team of affiliates at zero cost and make many more sales in a way that his website alone could never hope to do.

How doesrepparttar 147785 affiliate benefit?

The advantages torepparttar 147786 affiliate are that he can make money in a business where he doesn't haverepparttar 147787 upfront costs of creating his own product, and doesn't have to worry about ecommerce, bookkeeping, or customer support because that's all handled byrepparttar 147788 merchant.

How doesrepparttar 147789 customer benefit?

The customer gets a solution to his problem (providedrepparttar 147790 product or service does what it says it does) that he may not have found withoutrepparttar 147791 affiliate's help and does not have to pay extra.

So it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Or at least it is in principle.

However inrepparttar 147792 real world both affiliates and affiliate program owners can be involved in some shady practices.

Shady Practice #1

Unscrupulous merchants close down programs without warning and without paying commissions or tempt new affiliates with high commissions then drop those commission rates dramatically a week later.

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