Why aren't you using the right Coffee Maker

Written by John Baker

It's unbievable, but when you start your search for a new coffee maker, you will find a huge variety to choose from. The first step in choosingrepparttar right one is deciding what type you want. This depends on what kind of drinks you want to prepare. Your basic decision here is if you want traditional coffee or a specialty drink. A standard machine is preferred by people who likerepparttar 151196 taste of weaker coffee. Most flavored grounds are made for traditional pots. If you like to try a wide variety of coffee types, you may want a standard machine. Drip machines work by heatingrepparttar 151197 water and then dripping it throughrepparttar 151198 grounds. The grounds are placed inrepparttar 151199 filter andrepparttar 151200 dripping water extractsrepparttar 151201 flavor. The Bunn coffee makers are very reliable machines that brews a cup in about three minutes. Many models offer pause and pour features that allow you to interruptrepparttar 151202 brewing process, if you can’t wait for that first cup inrepparttar 151203 morning. Timers allow you to programrepparttar 151204 machine to start brewing before you wake up inrepparttar 151205 morning. These machines are easy and convenient to use. They are great if you drink a lot of coffee or will be serving a crowd. You can brew a pot at a time, rather than just a cup or two. Specialty Coffee Machines If you loverepparttar 151206 specialty drinks at your local café and want to make them at home, an espresso maker may be for you. These machines are more expensive, but make a superior drink. You need to be willing to spend some more time in preparation and these machines only make one or two cups at a time. If you will be serving a crowd, that may not be practical. The most common machines are semi automatic, automatic and super automatics. Automatic With automatic machines, you loadrepparttar 151207 portafilter with ground beans. You setrepparttar 151208 water level, depending onrepparttar 151209 drink you are making. Once everything is set,repparttar 151210 machine doesrepparttar 151211 rest. A milk frother attachment is included for making cappuccinos and lattes. Some automatics come with a built in grinder, but many do not. Many espresso lovers prefer a separate grinder for quality grinds. Adjustable coffee grinders allow you to setrepparttar 151212 consistency ofrepparttar 151213 beans. Automatic machines are pod compatible, if you want to skiprepparttar 151214 grinding altogether. Opinions differ regarding pods, with some people lovingrepparttar 151215 convenience and others thinkingrepparttar 151216 taste is weak or bitter. Super Automatic Super automatics arerepparttar 151217 most expensive home machines. They also make drinks of superior quality, which makes them worthrepparttar 151218 expense. These machines dorepparttar 151219 whole job for you. Add some beans andrepparttar 151220 machine will grindrepparttar 151221 beans, tamp them intorepparttar 151222 filter and prepare your drink. Super automatics are fully programmable. You setrepparttar 151223 machine for strength, texture ofrepparttar 151224 beans, water level, temperature and quantity. The size ofrepparttar 151225 reservoir varies by brand, but you will need to refill it regularly. Distilled water isrepparttar 151226 best choice for keeping your machine clean and your drinks tasting their best. You will need to emptyrepparttar 151227 waste box frequently. This is whererepparttar 151228 machine dumpsrepparttar 151229 used grinds. Additional features like cup warmers and hot water dispensers are convenient.

Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Baked Tortilla Chip with a Mango Salsa Dressing

Written by Hans Dekker

Many low fat low cholesterol recipes are usually bland and un-flavorful but you can find some unique and tasty treats on our website that are full of flavor.

Here are a couple of low fat low cholesterol recipes that are just great for sitting around watching television. For this first Baked Tortilla Chip recipe that is fast to create in your microwave you will need 12 corn tortilla chips, vegetable oil, and salt. Userepparttar vegetable oil and brushrepparttar 151152 tortilla shells on both sides, now cut each tortilla chip into 6 separate wedges. Place in a single layer in your microwave. Microwave on high for around 1 minutes, then turnrepparttar 151153 wedges and microwave again for another 1 minutes. Continue turning and cooking atrepparttar 151154 same intervals until all tortilla chips are crisp. They will become crisper after you remove them fromrepparttar 151155 microwave. Saltrepparttar 151156 chips after removing them fromrepparttar 151157 microwave. The normal cooking time is around 7 minutes.

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