Why are Violent & Fear-Oriented Words So Popular in Online Advertising?

Written by Susan Nichols

Have you noticedrepparttar inundation of violent words used to "positively" promote web site and online services? In today's atmosphere of terrorism, why is there "not" a recognition that terms likerepparttar 129487 following promote fear and negative emotions: "Killer ads" "Blast your Readers with..." "Explode your traffic..." And ifrepparttar 129488 user of these terms "intends" to gain customers by tactics of fear - Why? Do you 'want' to do business or buy from someone who would personally hurt you? Offend you? Blast you? Kill you?

Those who use such terms will be defensive against my viewpoints, but as a person who wants peace in our world, I encourage all of us, including myself, to "think" before we use such words that depict fear, violence, hatred and words used in terrorism.

Am I an extremist? Perhaps, but before using such phrases, visually place yourself inrepparttar 129489 same room with someone who lost a loved one on 9-11 and try to ask them if they like these terms? Would they 'buy' from you?

Using 'Power' Words when Writing Articles

Written by David McKenzie

Capturingrepparttar attention of your reader is paramount when writing free articles.

You can makerepparttar 129485 greatest impact in capturing your readers’ attention by having a good title.

One ofrepparttar 129486 ways to do this is by using what I call ‘Power’ words. By using these special words you can getrepparttar 129487 attention of your reader much more quickly and easily.

But what are these ‘Power’ words that I am talking about?

For me they are something that makes me read on. Makes me want to find out more. Makes me want to find out what’s in it for me.

Power words are exciting words that drawrepparttar 129488 reader in.

For instance,repparttar 129489 word powerful is a good power word. Exciting is another good power word.

I have a list of power words I like to use from time to time to makerepparttar 129490 greatest impact I can with my articles. Here are a few of my power words from that list:

Free Tips Methods Exclusive Fantastic Secrets Success New Techniques Opportunities

How about some examples of using these power words inrepparttar 129491 titles of articles. Here are 3 examples:

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