Why add "fillers" to mineral make-up?

Written by Aleta Wells

Checkrepparttar list of ingredients on your mineral make-up. Is it full of additives that you can barely pronounce? What do these additves do? Are they necessary? Many times, no, they are not. Lipids/oils can clog pores, and also creates a ready breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Oils frequently turn rancid without preservatives added, causing a different set of problems. Many popular brands add in vitamins and minerals. These can cause break-outs in sensitve individuals. Many brands also contain food-grade additives, like rice powder, or corn starch, which completely negatesrepparttar 143784 whole "non-organic mineral" claims. If your mineral make-up has these additives,repparttar 143785 possibility of contamination exists.

The whole point of mineral powder make-up is its' purity. Pure iron oxides, mica, zinc (very soothing to inflamed skin contions), and titanium oxide, are pigments fromrepparttar 143786 earth, and are not able to grow bacteria, yeasts, molds, or other undesirable elements. They lie on top of your skin in thin, over-lapping "sheets", that allow your skin to "breathe". Even if you perspire, or go swimming,repparttar 143787 adherance torepparttar 143788 skin is such that it is resistant to streaking, or running. It is water-resistant, and a natural sun-screen of about 18-25, depending on your coverage.

A Simple Method for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your New Baby

Written by Criss White

A person's name is something they will carry with them forrepparttar rest of their lives. Selecting a baby's name is an important, but often difficult decision for many parents. Follow our guide for a simple process in selecting your baby's name.

Most people have some ideas for good baby names and have thought about it on and off throughout their entire lives. Remember thatrepparttar 143716 other parent and people around you will also have opinions about baby names, so sometimes it is a good idea to consider these opinions. If by some chance you do not have enough ideas for baby names, then searchrepparttar 143717 internet for a baby name directory.

Remember that your new child will be stuck with whatever name you give him or her forrepparttar 143718 rest of their lives. Common names are "normal" and "safe", but sometimes easily forgotten, especially when you meet a lot of people all at once. Unusual names are hard to remember at first, but once remembered usually stick to memory much better. You may want to choose a name that is easily pronounced fromrepparttar 143719 spelling. When trying to pick a name, decide whether you wantrepparttar 143720 child to have a common name or an unusual name.

If you want a not too common name that is easy to remember, try to think of names of people that you have never met before. For example, I've never personally met anyone named Darien, so perhaps that name is not too common. Although this method is far from scientific, it is a good way to brainstorm.

Want to avoid common names? Check outrepparttar 143721 following website that allows yourepparttar 143722 search forrepparttar 143723 most common names by year:


Once you have a list of names, you can move ontorepparttar 143724 second step inrepparttar 143725 process - pickingrepparttar 143726 best name forrepparttar 143727 baby. It should be noted that in most cases,repparttar 143728 two people who have authority of a new baby's name arerepparttar 143729 mother and father. The opinions of friends, family members, and other associates can be taken into account as well, but ultimatelyrepparttar 143730 parents should makerepparttar 143731 final decision. The name should be one that bothrepparttar 143732 mother and father like. Here are some methods for selecting a baby's name:

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