Why Your Puppy Nips - And 5 Ways To Get Him To Stop

Written by Adam G. Katz

Here’s a news flash – puppies nip! Okay, I guess you already knew that. But here’srepparttar surprise – you may actually be encouraging your puppy to nip. Let’s talk about how to stop this behaviour before it grows up to be an adult-sized dog problem. Puppies are a lot like babies – they use their mouths in part to explore their world. Little kids are forever sticking things in their mouth – from your favourite house plant torepparttar 125716 bar of soap inrepparttar 125717 tub. That’s one ofrepparttar 125718 ways they experience taste and texture, and figure out what’s good and what’s not. It’s all about experimentation. Puppies arerepparttar 125719 same. They want to see just how soft your finger is, or what that leash tastes like. In addition, biting or nipping is an important part of learning social skills in their “wolf” pack –repparttar 125720 social structure that makes up your dog’s life. And with some breeds, such as Border Collies, biting or nipping is even more instinctive because ofrepparttar 125721 nature ofrepparttar 125722 breed – they’re born and bred to herd livestock, and that’s how a 50 or 60 pound dog will control a 1,000 pound cow – by biting atrepparttar 125723 heels or nose. If your dog was allowed to remain with mom and his littermates for an appropriate amount of time (until at least 8 weeks of age), then mom should have taught himrepparttar 125724 beginnings of bite inhibition. Asrepparttar 125725 pups began to grow and develop those needle-sharp little puppy teeth, mom would have disciplined him for being too rough, either with her or his littermates. Junior soon learns that all play will stop and he’ll get smacked down by mom if he gets carried away. But when you get that puppy home, and he becomes part ofrepparttar 125726 family, you may be encouraging him to nip by lettingrepparttar 125727 kids run away from him, squealing and giggling in an effort to play “chase” games. While this is cute atrepparttar 125728 beginning, it can soon turn into a full-fledged problem when he’s no longer such a small, cute puppy, and views any child running away as fair game. You can also encourage this kind of bad behaviour by teasing him with toys – holding them just above his head and yanking them out of range when he jumps forrepparttar 125729 toy or nips at it. (This also encourages another bad habit: jumping.)

Here’s 5 things you can do to stop your puppy from nipping.

1. When your puppy does nip – stop all play If your puppy nips too hard, say “Ouch!” in a loud-enough voice to surprise him (don’t start off by screaming!) and stop all play. Turn your back on him, and refuse to continuerepparttar 125730 game. He should come around to face you and find out what’s wrong – tell him “bad dog – no bite” in a firm tone of voice. Do this every time he nips until he getsrepparttar 125731 idea that nipping means no more fun.

How To Build "The Bond" With Your Dog

Written by Adam G. Katz

Buildingrepparttar bond with your dog is really quite easy. If you recognize that you have a relationship with your dog, then buildingrepparttar 125715 bond comes down to nothing more than increasingrepparttar 125716 strength of that relationship. And as with any relationship, building a bond requires:

1.) Spending quality time together. 2.) Getting out inrepparttar 125717 world and experiencing life together. 3.) Establishing and promoting a level of mutual respect. 4.) Developing a way of communicating so that both individuals understandrepparttar 125718 other's needs. (Hmmm... maybe I should be writing self-help books for humans???)

Let's take a look at each of these key points to see how they can have a positive affect on your daily dog training: 1.) Spending quality time together. Spending quality time together does not mean sharing a beer with Fido whilerepparttar 125719 two of you lay in front ofrepparttar 125720 television. Well, okay... maybe it does. But more importantly, it means committing to a series of rituals and behaviors that you and your dog can look forward to. For example, I often throw Forbes (the Pit Bull) inrepparttar 125721 back ofrepparttar 125722 truck when I wake up inrepparttar 125723 morning and we go for a drive down torepparttar 125724 local McDonald's Drive-thru. For most ofrepparttar 125725 drive, Forbes is either still wipingrepparttar 125726 sleep out of his eyes, or he's doingrepparttar 125727 guard dog routine if someone walks up torepparttar 125728 back ofrepparttar 125729 truck. Butrepparttar 125730 highlight of this morning ritual begins when we get home. It's Forbes' job to hop out ofrepparttar 125731 back ofrepparttar 125732 truck and takerepparttar 125733 empty McDonald's brown paper bag in his mouth, walk downrepparttar 125734 drive way, aroundrepparttar 125735 gate, intorepparttar 125736 back yard, and then over torepparttar 125737 trash can... where he dropsrepparttar 125738 bag. Sure, it's a stupid pet trick. But see how disappointedrepparttar 125739 dog is when *I* insist on carryingrepparttar 125740 bag torepparttar 125741 trash can! Fromrepparttar 125742 dog's point of view, it'srepparttar 125743 30 or 40 little things throughoutrepparttar 125744 day (that he can help me with) that make his life worth living. And forrepparttar 125745 dog, this is spending quality. It all boils down to being an active participant in each other's lives.

2.) Getting out inrepparttar 125746 world and experiencing life together: It had been years since Bud and Janice's kids had grown and leftrepparttar 125747 house for college and later, corporate jobs. Bud had wanted a dog for several months and Janice finally gave in. They decided to adopt a beautiful 5 year-old Golden Retriever and proceeded to train "Mac," using many ofrepparttar 125748 techniques I describe in my book, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!" (To learn more about this book, go to http://hop.clickbank.net/?1greatdog/agkatz). Janice got scared when Bud came back from his first walk aroundrepparttar 125749 neighborhood with "Mac" and ran intorepparttar 125750 house yelling, "Janice! Janice! You won't believe what happened!!!" "Oh my gawd," though Janice, thinking that perhaps "Mac" had bitten a child, or run away. "What happened?" Janice questioned her husband. "You won't believe it, Janice," said Bud, "I took 'Mac' for a walk... AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY CAME UP AND TALKED TO ME!!!" Imagine that! Here's a guy who had lived inrepparttar 125751 same neighborhood for eight years and didn't know any of his neighbors until he got a dog and started taking it for walks. Dogs are a wonderful excuse to get you out ofrepparttar 125752 house and interacting withrepparttar 125753 world around you. It's also one ofrepparttar 125754 many reasons that handicapped people like owning service dogs... because it makes it easier for other people to come up and start a conversation. And do you think that "Mac" minded all ofrepparttar 125755 attention? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I think that my dog Forbes is happiest when we're out inrepparttar 125756 world, meeting new people and experiencing new things together. Two best friends, out onrepparttar 125757 town. You should seerepparttar 125758 look on Forbes' face when two or three beautiful women walk up and start rubbing his belly. Even better... you should seerepparttar 125759 look on my face!

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