Why Your Online Advertising Traffic Leaves as Soon as It Arrives

Written by Joel Walsh

Online advertising traffic leaves when advertisers don't make it easy to stick around.

Business website owners who buy online advertising often get frustrated when most of their expensive traffic leaves as soon as it arrives--i.e, it "bounces."

Why does traffic from online advertising bounce? Think about it: you've donerepparttar same thing many times. You've searched on a search engine, clicked on a result, then left that page less than ten seconds after you arrived. You did that again and again until you found what you were looking for. You might easily have left a trail of bounces onrepparttar 136989 server logs of a dozen websites, for a dozen website owners to worry over.

Why did you keep leaving? Because you weren't finding what you were looking for on those websites withinrepparttar 136990 first ten to thirty seconds of arriving. Experience had taught you that you'd find what you were looking for faster clicking on other search results, one of which was bound to have what you were looking for, than sifting throughrepparttar 136991 pages of a website that didn't look very promising fromrepparttar 136992 start.

That's how everyone searches, and how everyone treats online advertising. You have to work with this behavior rather than against it.

How to Catch Your Online Advertising Traffic before It Bounces So how do you keep online advertising traffic from bouncing? Think about why you bounced. What made you doubt thatrepparttar 136993 website had what you were searching for? If you were using a search engine, you had searched on a keyword--let's say you searched on "small business website content." Without realizing it, you were scanning each page forrepparttar 136994 keyword, "small business website content," or something very close to it.

Copywriter Fees Explained

Written by Joel Walsh

Copywriter fees, though they may vary greatly from one copywriter torepparttar next, are not determined arbitrarily. Understanding how copywriters set fees will help you getrepparttar 136988 most for your money.

Copywriter Fees - Market Rates Copywriter fees vary greatly from writer to writer and project to project, and there are no real industry standards. Two respected industry sources, The Copywriters Council of America, andrepparttar 136989 trade publication, Writers Market, have surveyed US copywriters about their fees, and come up with some pretty accurate ranges for various copywriting services.

Copywriters' Council of America Estimated Copywriter Fees. Writer's Market Fee Guidelines for Copywriters

Copywriting Services an Investment, Not an Expense Copywriting services are best seen as an investment rather than an expense. No other service or product you buy will have as direct an impact on how much money your business makes, as copywriting services. Your copywriter isrepparttar 136990 one who will speak directly to your current and prospective customers, not your management consultants, landlord, or travel agent. If you're going to save money, it should be with those fine people, not your copywriter.

How Copywriter Fees Are Set Copywriters' fees can often seem a little less than transparent. But in reality fees for copywriting services are based on just one thing: time. Traditionally, copywriters would simply bill byrepparttar 136991 hour, and most still do. UpMarket tries to make life easier by charging firm, flat fees. Still, all fees are ultimately based on an estimate of how much time services are expected to require, and also whetherrepparttar 136992 time will be spent directly on creative services (requiring a writer), or editing, proofreading, research or administrative (which can be done by an assistant).

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