Why Your Internet Business Is Like The Stock Market

Written by Patty Gale

As savvy stock market investors know, chasing afterrepparttar one "hot stock" withrepparttar 145663 possibility of bringing instant riches is not a wise idea. You knowrepparttar 145664 old saying, "Don't put your eggs in one basket". This type of thinking carries a high risk. If your stock goes up and you are smart enough to sell, then you've made money. However, if your stock falls, you just don't know when (or if) it will ever make a comeback.

With this idea of chasing afterrepparttar 145665 "hot stock ofrepparttar 145666 day", you might as well buy a lottery ticket. Diversifying your investment portfolio for long-term growth and stability isrepparttar 145667 wiser ofrepparttar 145668 strategy. You invest your money over any number of stocks in different industries, thereby spreading your risk acrossrepparttar 145669 group.

The same principle should be applied to your internet business. Many of us first arrived online withrepparttar 145670 notion of building a really great website to reachrepparttar 145671 masses in hopes of making a lot of money. We later found out thatrepparttar 145672 "build it and they will come" theory is just that, a theory. Oh sure, there are a few who have managed to create a nice income from just one or perhaps two websites, but even Amazon didn't turn a profit until 2001.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have unlimited financial resources. Many have given up, only to go back to either a corporate job or some other type of work in order to support their family. What they did not realize is that their internet business really should be treated like their investment portfolio.

Don't Just Sit There!... Do Something!

Written by Michael DeVries

Rather than wait for an "upturn" inrepparttar Internet (and/or general) economy...

Why don't we just work together to create one?! :)

If you don't believe that this is possible...

Then please allow me to share with you a recent and ongoing "story" / "case study" where and how this is happening right now! :) (If on a relatively moderate but significant and growing scale)

A quite renowned Internet Marketer... (whom shall remain "nameless” herein)

... extended a very unique and attractive offer.

Those that could perceiverepparttar 145662 great value of this offer began "scooping it up", even though it was being sold at a non-trivial price.

And even before receivingrepparttar 145663 products they purchased... They were offered a very attractive opportunity to become an Affiliate and market this offer to others.

So, many of those that purchased this offer began marketing and advertising this offer themselves to others, thereby stimulated additional expenditures in online and offline marketing and advertising, which we have all been saying has been kind of "slow" recently, right?

Further, since of these purchasers needed to customize, install and host these products, and they themselves are primarily non-technical, they are engagingrepparttar 145664 services of consultants, developers, web masters and web hosters, etc. to help them.

And when these IT firms / professionals have more paying clients, they in term have to engage more developers, testers, etc. and buy more software, hardware and other services, thereby stimulating more economic activity, in otherwise "slumping" IT and computer markets :), right?

And, this Internet Marketer established a community forum for anyone who purchased this offer to share their ideas about promoting it, implementing it, how to use and sell products based on it, etc. The synergy betweenrepparttar 145665 members of this community is further generating opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, and members buying, selling and providing products and services to one another.

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