Why Your Business Needs a Website

Written by Sherry Holub

Even withrepparttar steady growth ofrepparttar 145913 World Wide Web, many businesses do not have an online presence and some think that they do not need to have a presence at all.

"My business is doing fine as it is." That's great! But, it's almost impossible to answer 'no' torepparttar 145914 question, "Can my business be doing even better?" One ofrepparttar 145915 easiest ways to help your business gain more exposure and potential customers is to have a professionally developed website. There are many advantages to having a professionally designed website. Consider some ofrepparttar 145916 points below:

1. Make a great first impression of your business to first-time visitors to your site 2. Reach a wider, global market 3. Increases credibility 4. Use as a promotional tool 5. Increase sales 6. Generate new leads 7. Improve customer service 8. Use your site as an informational tool for your customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 9. Unlike printed material, your website can be changed very easily, anytime 10. Reduce operating costs


Written by Jinky C. Mesias

Are you a web owner? Are you wondering why your site is not doing very well inrepparttar e-community in spite of your glamorous web designs? Arenít you making any money at all? If all your answer to these questions is YES then itís high time you sit back and examined in what aspect of your web site you have made a mistake.

There are certain consumer facts that should be considered in conceptualizingrepparttar 145912 designs for your web site. Take for instance,repparttar 145913 fact that nobody really cares about you or your site but yourepparttar 145914 owner alone. Now, thatís reality!-you see most web visitors only care about having their problem solved. Web visitors often visit sites for four reasons and these are as follows: 1.to look for information 2. They want to buy something and feel thatrepparttar 145915 web isrepparttar 145916 most convenient place to look for it. 3. They have to make a donation and it happens thatrepparttar 145917 foundation has a corresponding web site that can be conveniently reached inrepparttar 145918 net and 4. They want to be entertained andrepparttar 145919 net providesrepparttar 145920 quickest means of entertainment.

These four facts should be considered in formulatingrepparttar 145921 web design since web sites are not only means of opening up new marketing opportunities but should function more of a problem solver for most needs of customers. Another thing, which should be considered in web designing, isrepparttar 145922 complexity ofrepparttar 145923 design. Web visitors should be able to look atrepparttar 145924 homepage of your site and figure out what your site is all about in less than four seconds. If your site canít do this, then your site is a failure. Most web visitors just donít haverepparttar 145925 time to waste in staying around your site to figure it out.

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