Why You Shouldn’t Give Away Free eBooks

Written by Ron Douglas

Why You Shouldn’t Give Away Free eBooks

If Internet Marketing were a college major, in Lesson 1 of “Internet Marketing 101” you would be taught to give away free ebooks:

* As a promotion for your main product * As a bonus to enhance your product offering * As an incentive to build your email subscriber list

Anyone who’s into Internet Marketing is familiar with this fundamental technique. Practically every ebook you read teaches this.

I boldly declare that I disagree with this strategy! I know this goes against many ofrepparttar teachings ofrepparttar 134267 top marketers, but I say – don’t give away free ebooks - and I’ll tell you why…

Reason 1 Giving away ebooks written by someone else is like owning a candy store and offering everyone who comes into your store a free sample ofrepparttar 134268 candy fromrepparttar 134269 store acrossrepparttar 134270 street. You essentially are promoting your competitor’s business for free.

Reason 2 If you’ve written a free promotional ebook, what incentive are you giving other marketers and publishers to promote it? Going back to reason 1, is it really in their best interest to distribute your product? You may not realize it, but you are losing money from what’s known as opportunity costs.

Don’t get me wrong,repparttar 134271 free ebook strategy has been successfully used for many years. However, now there’s an even better strategy - Brandable eBooks.

Lead Generation Using Traffic Exchanges

Written by Jimmy Boyd

Leads have always beenrepparttar lifeblood of any business. If you have no leads, you have no business. Everyone knows that, butrepparttar 134266 thing killing everybody out there is how to get leads for your business without going broke inrepparttar 134267 process.

There are many ways to drum up business, butrepparttar 134268 focus of this article isrepparttar 134269 use of viral techniques you can use to create leads for your business.

Viral marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, butrepparttar 134270 best way to get started with viral marketing fast is to use traffic exchanges.

The problem that people run into with traffic exchanges is they try to use some self-replicated website, thinking that if they just showrepparttar 134271 page enough, someone will buy.

Sorry, but this doesn't work. I have used traffic exchanges for years, and I can tell you straight up that they work and work for one purpose only: LEAD GENERATION.

So, how do you use traffic exchanges for lead generation?

It's actually quite simple. All you have to do is set up a simple page like this with an opt-in box.


You haverepparttar 134272 right to copy this page if you want. Just right click onrepparttar 134273 page, and you will seerepparttar 134274 menu pop up. From there, click on Source or View Page Source, and you can copy and paste that HTML and modify it with your details.

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