Why You Should Use Fruits For Constipation

Written by Rudy Silva

Fruits are made by nature and are a perfect food. They containrepparttar right balance of nutrients with distilled water. You gain enormous benefits from eating fruits especially if you eatrepparttar 139972 outer skin and eat them without cooking. They are easy to digest and absorb and do not stress your colon.

Fruits contain fiber, which help to cleanse your colon and prevent constipation. Most fruits help providerepparttar 139973 body with minerals that helprepparttar 139974 body reduce acid as it is created. And most important of all, fruits help cleanserepparttar 139975 body of mucus slime that accumulates throughoutrepparttar 139976 body.

Fruits do not leave any slime residue inrepparttar 139977 body when eaten except when they have pesticides and preservatives in their outer skin. They do not ferment or putrefy in your colon, as do processed foods, dairy products and meats.

Choose your fruits carefully. They should be eaten when they are fully ripe. Do not eat them if they are under ripe or overripe. Inrepparttar 139978 under ripe condition they may be acidic and inrepparttar 139979 overripe conditionrepparttar 139980 many contain more natural sugar.

Fruits, vegetables, and grains contain fructooligosaccharides, FOS. It is this compound that helps to feedrepparttar 139981 good bacteria in your colon. Without an adequate supply of FOS, good bacteria will dwindle and bad bacteria will flourish.

Just Plain Fruits

Eat fruits throughoutrepparttar 139982 day but especially inrepparttar 139983 evening. This will help to promote a bowel movement inrepparttar 139984 morning. These arerepparttar 139985 fruits you should eat.

* Apples

* Apricots

* Avocados

* Bananas

* Blueberries

* Boysenberries

* Cantaloupes

* Cherries

* Figs and dates

* Grapes

* Lemons

* Papayas

* Peaches

* Pears

* Persimmons

* Plums

* Prunes

* Raspberries


Eat 3-4 apples a day to relieve constipation. It does not matter what type of apple you eat, but I like gala or Fuji apples since they are small and crisp.

Seecrets On Investment: Tired Of Making Huge Losses In The Stock Market – Part 1

Written by Stan Seecrets

Over 80% of all individual investors lose money in any given span of ten years. This figure is likely to be higher, given most people’s reluctance to reveal their losses. This article provides a broad outline of this financial landscape. It reflectsrepparttar author’s personal views as an individual investor and author of a stock charting software withrepparttar 139971 experiences learned fromrepparttar 139972 University of H.K. (hard knocks). Do not consider this article as any form of financial advice. Financial advice are available from licensed individuals and companies as required by law in your respective country.

Investment is a statistics game. You win sometimes and you lose most ofrepparttar 139973 time. To stay ahead, all you have to do is to make sure that your gains are more than your losses. More importantly, how to limit losses and reducerepparttar 139974 mistakes will be crucial in successful investing.

Take a typical fund manager. Out of ten positions,repparttar 139975 fund manager may only win 40% ofrepparttar 139976 time. Say, this manager makes an average return of 20% for each position. The rest are mistakes, but this manager cappedrepparttar 139977 losses at 10% each. Dorepparttar 139978 simple math, and lo and behold, this manager is ahead with gains. This is a simple example – professional fund managers use complex variations of this simple theme.

Another example isrepparttar 139979 venture capitalist. Say, out of ten ventures, only one succeeded. The successful venture could yield returns of 2000%, perhaps more. The other nine ventures failed miserably and these investments are written off. Using this model,repparttar 139980 venture capitalist is still ahead.

Headlines,repparttar 139981 media, advertising hype.

Most of us are familiar with this typical headline: “Whiz kid makes stock picks that outperformrepparttar 139982 market than most fund managers”. When such stories becomes headline news onrepparttar 139983 popular media, it is likely that they appear towardsrepparttar 139984 end of a great bull market. Stories like these typifyrepparttar 139985 misconception that anyone can pick stocks at random and win allrepparttar 139986 time.

Perhaps, a more tantalizing advertisement with “How I make 2600% (annualized) on a winning trade” may make us interested. Any seasoned investor will be able to provide a handful of trades that has spectacular performance like 50% in a week. Annualize this and it works out to be 2600% a year. However such trades are few. There is no one inrepparttar 139987 world that has such a method or strategy that is consistent and sustainable.

It is prudent to treat media reports with a critical mind and skepticism. Rationalizingrepparttar 139988 possible reasons on whyrepparttar 139989 story appears may provide some useful and not so obvious insights. For example, if you have a large position in a stock, then obviously you will only sing praises on why it will outperform its peers to encourage more buying momentum. The author remembers an analyst private statement: “I can write fantastic merits about a stock, conversely I can also write some damning things as well”.

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