Why You Should Do Business on the Internet

Written by David Johnson

With a little money and a good idea, you can reach anyone who usesrepparttar Internet. According torepparttar 109069 latest statistics, thatís 158.5 million people.

You can userepparttar 109070 World Wide Web to open new sales channels, extend your current business into a different product line, enhance customer service, or shaperepparttar 109071 first impression your company makes on its target market. You can reduce your marketing costs (printing, mailing, and travel) by pointing prospective customers to your Web site for preliminary product and service information.

There are many success stories onrepparttar 109072 Web: ∑ A small manufacturer that now sells its products retail ∑ A local shop that now competes with established mail order houses ∑ A golf outlet that discovered Japanese businessmen would payrepparttar 109073 high shipping costs to get new golf equipment as soon as it became available onrepparttar 109074 U.S. market.

You can find 23 million-dollar success stories inrepparttar 109075 book StrikingItRich.com, which has a Web site at http://www.strikingitrich.com/.

Userepparttar 109076 Internet to move into new product areas. The ease of posting new pages to a Web site andrepparttar 109077 ability to gather instant information about how customers react to new product offers lets you test-market new goods and services safely.

Enhance customer service. Even if your site doesnít offer a direct way to purchase your products, it can be a useful, cost-effective tool for customer service: ∑ Post a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer common customer questions to reducerepparttar 109078 expense of toll-free telephone lines. ∑ Use e-mail to allow communication between your customers and your customer service staff. ∑ Use e-mail to combine your customer service campaign with your marketing campaign, by sending your customers notification of sales, new product releases, and special offers.

New Type of e-Comerce Search Engine on the Block

Written by John Jones

Marketing your site to sell product isrepparttar wayrepparttar 109068 internet works. What if you could miss out this step and sell your product directly torepparttar 109069 right person just atrepparttar 109070 moment they are ready to buy WITHOUT incurring huge advertising costs? Does all this sound too good to be true? I want to show you how you can do this.

You need to use a search engine that is person centered, NOT site or subject centered. Everyone inrepparttar 109071 world is represented within this search engine. We are all there. You, me, your friends, relatives - everyone. The magic is: you can link your products and services directly torepparttar 109072 people you want to meet without ever knowing who they are. Whenrepparttar 109073 targeted person comes along and searches for what you are offering they get back a fully personalized catalogue, with product descriptions, graphics, prices and titles.

This approach does require you to re-frame your thinking, but no more than it did when you first started using search engines. The simplest way is to think of your web site as having a separate doorway page for each person you want to reach. There is NO hierachy or page linkage, these pages are just like people standing around. You prepare each page withrepparttar 109074 attributes ofrepparttar 109075 person you wish to meet and add an appropriate and welcoming message forrepparttar 109076 buyer, because byrepparttar 109077 timerepparttar 109078 person sees this page they are buying. Simply register this page withrepparttar 109079 search engine and addrepparttar 109080 target attributes. The entry will appear inrepparttar 109081 relevant catalogue of each person who matchesrepparttar 109082 attributes. The tighterrepparttar 109083 targetingrepparttar 109084 betterrepparttar 109085 match withrepparttar 109086 customer.

So if you wish to sell to a 28 yr male in NE USA, from a European parentage, who is taller than average, slightly overweight, earning $30,000 pa, likes blue colors, has an orthodox view of life, is married with young children, works in a management position, and has a college degree you can do it...

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