Why You Should Care About Internet Marketing

Written by Hillary Stone

Why You Should Care About Internet Marketing

Any successful business—from a small, locally owned dry cleaner to a colossal, nationally operated department store—will agree that a large part of their success can be attributed torepparttar marketing technique they employ. The simple truth is that consumers need to know about you andrepparttar 142164 products or services you offer before they can buy them from you. This is a truth companies have been acquainted with and been exploiting for years. Fromrepparttar 142165 first newspaper advertisement printed inrepparttar 142166 early 1700s torepparttar 142167 latest Internet marketing technique available today, advertising has had an impact onrepparttar 142168 economy, on society, on culture, even on politics—this venture has transformedrepparttar 142169 twentieth century intorepparttar 142170 age ofrepparttar 142171 advertising firm.

What many companies don't realize, however, is thatrepparttar 142172 advertising technique that was so effective for their company five years ago is no longer their best option. Traditional advertising techniques, while still beneficial, are not as effective as they once were. Evenrepparttar 142173 once all-powerful 30-second spot on television is losing its strength withrepparttar 142174 development of such innovations as TiVo and other digital video recorders (DVRs). Now TV viewers can do more than just changerepparttar 142175 channel to avoid commercials: they can actually program commercials out. Consumers are gaining more control and it's beginning to have an effect onrepparttar 142176 marketing industry.

If consumers are gaining control, how canrepparttar 142177 marketing industry use this to their advantage? Here's a novel advertising idea: instead of pushing advertisements at people about what we think they like or will be interested in—assumptions based on general trends of an audience's demographic type—why not target what we know they want? This is exactly what Internet marketing can do for you.

The Rise of Internet Marketing

Since its birth in 1989,repparttar 142178 World Wide Web, and its worldwide use, has exploded. According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, there are now nearly 900 million Internet users worldwide, over 200 million inrepparttar 142179 United States alone. Research firm eMarketer reports that U.S. adult Internet users will spend an average of $878 online this year which equates to more than over 100 billion dollars in e-commerce business being generated fromrepparttar 142180 United States alone.

In spite of these astounding numbers, Internet marketing—which includes such marketing techniques as e-mailing, display ads or banners, rich media, andrepparttar 142181 most effective: keyword search—is only a $3 billion industry. That may seem considerable, but a study conducted by ZenithOptimedia reports that Internet marketing makes up less than 4% of global spending on advertising, putting it far behind television and newspapers which combined compose more than two-thirds of total global ad spending.

However, statistics show that spending on Internet advertising is increasing at greater percentages than spending on advertising in other media. As reported by JupiterResearch senior analyst Gary Stein atrepparttar 142182 2004 Search Engine Strategies Conference: "Spending on Internet advertising increased 27% from 2003 to 2004, while cable advertising increased 14.1%, broadcast TV advertising was up 8.2%, radio advertising was up 7.0%, magazine advertising increased 5.0%, newspaper advertising increased 4.8%, and Yellow Pages advertising was up 3.2%."

Internet advertising is growing so much faster than other forms of advertising for a reason: The Dieringer Research Group reported in late 2004 that "online product research conducted by consumersrepparttar 142183 past year was responsible for driving $180.7 billion in offline spending, compared to $106.5 billion in direct online consumer spending." Interland's Business Barometer for Spring 2005, a nationwide survey of over a thousand leaders of small- and medium-sized business, showed that those businesses that are applying Internet marketing techniques are getting "a clear return in top-line revenues for their investment."

The simple truth, then, is that if your company is not dedicating a significant percentage of its advertising/marketing budget torepparttar 142184 Internet, particularly to search engine marketing (SEM), you're giving up a valuable opportunity. Marketing Sherpa claims that "so few marketers are budgeting enough for SEO [search engine optimization] that it can be a massive competitive advantage for you still." Here's why you should.

The Secrets of

Written by Lil Waldner

The Secrets of

A lot of advertising and mailings promise to revealrepparttar secrets of something. Most of this kind of mailings deal with search engine optimization. They promise to know how to achieve a high ranking at Google. They tellrepparttar 142114 readers that they have a special access to Google or that they have crackedrepparttar 142115 algorithm how Google ranks websites.

Secrets are always exciting!

People are attracted easily by secrets. There is something special with them. Crackingrepparttar 142116 secrets ofrepparttar 142117 Google algorithm seems to be a mystery like findingrepparttar 142118 Holy Grail. It isrepparttar 142119 Holy Grail ofrepparttar 142120 internet community indeed! No wonder that a lot of e-books are offered that promise to findrepparttar 142121 grail that leads to a ranking amongrepparttar 142122 top ten at Google search engine!

Why do merchants sellrepparttar 142123 knowledge about a secret?

Have you ever asked yourself why these Gurus and authors sellrepparttar 142124 secret how to get ranked onrepparttar 142125 top for a few dozens of dollars? Why do these people not keep and exploitrepparttar 142126 secret for themselves? They could become incredibly rich be keeping silent, because there is no advantage, if everybody knows and usesrepparttar 142127 same secret.

Or is it similar withrepparttar 142128 systems that promise high winnings in lotteries or Roulette? Some people make also a lot of money by selling such systems. If their systems were waterproof, they would monopolize and exploit it and not sell books about it.

Otherwise: Firms usually protect their secrets about their produces with patents and licenses. They only sellrepparttar 142129 right to use their patents for a fortune, not for dozens of dollars.

Sellingrepparttar 142130 secret as good business

Sellingrepparttar 142131 secret methods to success and wealth is a business of its own. There is a lot of literature about how people can find their way to a lucky and wealthy life. Thousands and thousands of people try to get rich inrepparttar 142132 online business. They are eager to learn how it works and how they can expose their websites inrepparttar 142133 best way. And a lot of skills are needed, indeed, to move a website torepparttar 142134 top. Its obvious that all these tips and tricks enwrapped inrepparttar 142135 mysteries of secrets sell themselves.

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