Why You Should Be Writing Articles

Written by Ken Hill

Did you know that one ofrepparttar most effective ways to promote your business online is to write articles for publication in ezines?

It's true.

Writing articles can successfully drive tons of free targeted traffic to your website and is a technique that is used by many successful online marketers.

Why is writing articles such a powerful way to promote your business?

Because as opposed to paid advertising, an article is an ezine becauserepparttar 100978 ezine publisher believesrepparttar 100979 article writer has something important to say.

In essence,repparttar 100980 ezine publisher is saying that what you write in your article is important and that you are an expert at what you're talking about.

Because of this, writing articles can help you gain trust with your readers, brand you as an expert in your field and thereby dramatically increase your sales.

Why would an ezine publish your article?

Because publishing an ezine requires a lot of time, and a lot of work onrepparttar 100981 part ofrepparttar 100982 publisher.

Not only do ezine publishers strive to provide their readers with high quality content, but they are also responsible for allrepparttar 100983 day to day running of their ezines, as well as promoting their own businesses online.

Because of this, many ezine publishers just don't haverepparttar 100984 time to write articles for every issue of their publication.

Besides that, many ezine publishers just don't feel comfortable writing articles.

If you are able to write informative articles, then, you can provide ezine publishers with content that their subscribers will find useful while also promoting your own business for free atrepparttar 100985 same time through your resource box atrepparttar 100986 end of your article.

Your resource box is where you are able tell people who you are and provide a brief advertisement for your business.


Written by Michelle Yox

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