Why You Never Have To Pay Retail Prices For Anything - Ever Again

Written by Tukshad Engineer

I step into my local mall, and into a leading top brand clothes store. I see a jumper I like and while feelingrepparttar soft material casually lift uprepparttar 116256 price tag - and I almost feint with disbelief. How much??? That's more than I make in 2 days! I quickly stop caressingrepparttar 116257 fabric and head toward Big Als Unbranded Clothes Discount Centre for a sweater within my budget range (which unfortunately will no doubt look as if it were knitted by my 5 year old Niece.)

Sounds familiar? Well it really need not be this way. It actually amazes me how many people do not use wholesalers and government auctions to save money on just about anything they could ever wish to purchase. It's possible to get regular discounts of 50% and more on top brand items just by knowing WHERE to shop.

Let us begin by looking at Government Auctions. While this article will focus onrepparttar 116258 USA and UK it's worth noting that government auctions are held in many other countries too. A government auction is held to auction off various items (often at rock bottom prices) thatrepparttar 116259 government has legal ownership of. The type of items auctioned by various government agencies include vehicles, electronics, real estate, computers, jewellery and a lot more.

Inrepparttar 116260 UK,repparttar 116261 types of government agencies that will offer up bargain goods and properties includerepparttar 116262 police and C&E - there are also private liquidation's due to corporate bankruptcies. Many hundreds of auctions are held yearly and there are scores of bargains to be had in most of them. It's not unusual to pickup a brand new widescreen TV at £30 or top spec PCs and laptops from a mere £200. It's possible to learn more here:


Inrepparttar 116263 USA there are also similar bargains to be had, andrepparttar 116264 government agencies often auction off cheap land and properties in addition torepparttar 116265 usual range of electronics, vehicles and household goods. Just some of repparttar 116266 bargains in recent times include assorted jewellery $600 in value being sold for just $20 and an actual house being sold at 50% below its market value. More information on government auctions inrepparttar 116267 USA is available here:

How To Quickly Design Your Own Doll Dress

Written by Maria Vowell

It doesnít matter what type or size doll you have, you can easily design your own doll dresses following a few simple steps.

This article explains how to make a basic dress, that you can then use as either a sundress, or that you can crochet dainty ruffles on for a more elegant fashion.

First you will want to grab your doll, a crochet hook, some yarn, a pen and a notebook. As you crochet, you will want to make sure that you write down all of your stitches so that you can save your design in writing.

First crochet a simple chain until itís long enough to reach comfortably aroundrepparttar neck of your doll. I usually crochet my chains to be long enough to just reach aroundrepparttar 116255 width ofrepparttar 116256 neck, then I add 3 extra chains to give enough room for it to fit neatly without being too tight.

Next, crochet 2 singles stitches in each chain, and there you will have your basic neck.

Now, place your neck on your doll, withrepparttar 116257 ends being centered inrepparttar 116258 back, and markrepparttar 116259 stitches right underneathrepparttar 116260 arms by inserting small bits of yarn intorepparttar 116261 stitches. These can be removed once your arm loops are crocheted.

Double crochet to whererepparttar 116262 arms should be (the area you marked with your bits of yarn), and then next make a chain usingrepparttar 116263 number of stitches marked previously with your bits of yarn. Now add 4 or 5 more chains to give a bit of extra room forrepparttar 116264 arms.

To gauge if you have enough chain stitches, you can pinrepparttar 116265 chain in place inrepparttar 116266 last stitch not marked forrepparttar 116267 arms, and see ifrepparttar 116268 "loop" slides ontorepparttar 116269 arm easily.

Once youíve gauged your chain, then double crochet inrepparttar 116270 next unmarked stitch to closerepparttar 116271 "loop" ontorepparttar 116272 neckpiece.

Now double crochet torepparttar 116273 next arm area, and create a chain withrepparttar 116274 same number of stitches as your previous chain, close that loop as well, and then double crochet torepparttar 116275 end ofrepparttar 116276 neckpiece.

Now chain 3, turn and double crochet one row, while addingrepparttar 116277 same number of double crochet stitches ontorepparttar 116278 "loop" as you had for number of chains.

Chain 3, turn again and double crochet to right underneathrepparttar 116279 arm. If your doll has "breasts" then you will want to place your bodice on your doll, and markrepparttar 116280 stitches that lay right overrepparttar 116281 dolls "breasts".

Note: If your doll does not have breasts, then just double crochet across.

Now double crochet torepparttar 116282 "breasts" section ofrepparttar 116283 bodice, and based on how large your doll is you will need to add a few double crochet stitches inrepparttar 116284 breasts area.

Typical fashion dolls only need to have 3 double crochet stitches added, in one stitch overrepparttar 116285 breasts.

Whereas larger dolls may need to have 6 stitches added into 2 stitches.

To determine how many stitches to add, crochet 3 double crochet stitches inrepparttar 116286 first stitch you marked, tryrepparttar 116287 bodice onrepparttar 116288 doll and see if it fits comfortably. If it appears to be too tight, just add 3 more double crochet stitches intorepparttar 116289 next stitch, and so on until it fits well.

Double crochet torepparttar 116290 next breast area, repeatrepparttar 116291 increased stitches, then double crochet torepparttar 116292 end ofrepparttar 116293 row.

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