Why You Need to Do Bully Maintenance to Protect Your Child

Written by Paula McCoach

Why You Need to Do Bullying Maintenance to Protect Your Child

Are you sick and tired of your child dealing with bullying at school?

Well, once your child has slowedrepparttar bullying down, you and your child will have to continue to do bullying maintenance from time to time.

What do I mean by that?

Many bullies will stop when your school has followedrepparttar 140055 11 SIMPLE STEPS FOR ZAPPING BULLIES. But, there is almost a guarantee that after some time has passed, they will begin bullying again.

In my experience as a school counselor,repparttar 140056 bullying is not as intenserepparttar 140057 second time. Bullies are not cured overnight. They try over and over to tease and harass your child.

So, what do you do now?

You do "bullying maintenance"!

What is that?

You need to repeat some ofrepparttar 140058 steps you took to getrepparttar 140059 bullying to stop -

Askrepparttar 140060 school counselor to speak torepparttar 140061 bully again. The counselor strongly remindsrepparttar 140062 bully ofrepparttar 140063 harsh consequences of bullying. The bully's parent can be called...possibly forrepparttar 140064 second or third time. An administrator can take disciplinary action.

Interview Mistakes

Written by James OKeefe

Masterful Resumes – Interview Traps

Interview Traps

It's tough to avoid typical interview traps if you're unsure what they are. Here are a half dozen to watch out for.

1. Confusing an Interview with an Interrogation.

Most candidates expect to be interrogated. An interrogation occurs when one person asks allrepparttar questions andrepparttar 140028 other givesrepparttar 140029 answers. An interview is a business conversation in which both people ask and respond to questions. Candidates who expect to be interrogated avoid asking questions, leavingrepparttar 140030 interviewer inrepparttar 140031 role of reluctant interrogator.

2. Making a So-Called Weakness Seem Positive.

Interviewers frequently ask candidates, " What are your weaknesses ?" Conventional interview wisdom dictates that you highlight a weakness like "I'm a perfectionist," and turn it into a positive. Interviewers are not impressed, because they've probably heardrepparttar 140032 same answer a hundred times. If you are asked this question, highlight a skill that you wish to improve upon and describe what you are doing to enhance your skill in this area. Interviewers don't care what your weaknesses are. They want to see how you handlerepparttar 140033 question and what your answer indicates about you.

3. Failing to Ask Questions.

Every interview concludes withrepparttar 140034 interviewer asking if you have any questions . The worst thing to say is that you have no questions. Having no questions prepared indicates you are not interested and not prepared. Interviewers are more impressed byrepparttar 140035 questions you ask thanrepparttar 140036 selling points you try to make. Before each interview, make a list of five questions you will ask. “I think a good question is, ‘Can you tell me about your career?'” says Kent Kirch, director of global recruiting at Deloitte. “Everybody likes to talk about themselves, so you're probably pretty safe asking that question.”

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