Why You Need To "Know Your Opportunity"

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

Why You Need To "Know Your Opportunity" By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Do you have great ideas and intentions for starting and building your home-based business? Great! Do you lackrepparttar motivation or focus to take action on your goals? Not so great. You can find allrepparttar 117524 motivation you'll ever need by studying repparttar 117525 ideas or business plan for your business. Take a hard look at what this plan, when executed properly, will do for you. What benefits are you going to gain by following your ideas to repparttar 117526 end? Know what you stand to get from acting on your ideas and goals. Know that if you follow this plan, you will reaprepparttar 117527 rewards you've always dreamed of. This is "the" motivating factor for and business person.

The Ultimate Motivation

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

"The Ultimate Motivation"

By Ken Leonard, Jr. 2002 KLJ Online "Learn to super-motivate with travel" When wasrepparttar last time you went on a vacation? I don't mean taking a week off to paint your house, either. Staying motivated is most important to anyone that wants to grow their business to success. This is often difficult when buried in stress and a heavy workload while running a small home-based business. Without constant motivation, your venture will not survive. Taking time off from your busy schedule once a year can be very beneficial to your overall well-being. Only if you use this time to it's fullest, though. You need to "get out of town", away fromrepparttar 117523 daily influences on your life. This also happens to berepparttar 117524 best way to get "quality time" with your family and friends. Traveling throughout your home country can be a great experience, but if you have never ventured outsiderepparttar 117525 border, you're really missing out. It can be personally enriching to learn howrepparttar 117526 rest ofrepparttar 117527 world lives. The different people you meet, different customs and lan- guages, can be uplifting and sometimes amazing. You will gain a different perspective on life, seeing first-hand that people aroundrepparttar 117528 world have very different ideas of what is important in life. After experiencing life in other lands, you will appreciate what you have right here at home. When traveling abroad,repparttar 117529 hardest part ofrepparttar 117530 trip is leaving when your time is up. You will "wish" that you could stay there longer, or "forever". Well, guess what? You can! Use this feeling as motivation to work hard and build your business and your "situation". Soon, you will be able to stay at that great locale as long as you want. If you play your cards right, you might even find a great

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