Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins (Part 4)

Written by steve renner

Throughout history, many coin collections have produced substantial long-term profits for their owners. This is particularly true for coin collectors of this century. Indeed, Harold Bareford reportedly purchased a collection of U.S. gold coins for $13,832 inrepparttar early 1950s which was resold at auction in 1978 for $1.2 million. A more substantial collector, Louis Eliasberg, built a collection that cost about $300,000. In 1982, it brought $12.4 million at auction.

This investment performance has been well documented by sources as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports and a host of industry periodicals and guidesheets. What these reports have shown is that carefully selected portfolios of rare coins have had a high rate of long-term appreciation.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results and investments in rare coins do involve risk. Whilerepparttar 134895 market performance of different coins varies substantially and no representation can be made that an individual investor's portfolio will enjoy results similar to those that have been documented inrepparttar 134896 various independent reports and surveys, those reports and surveys illustraterepparttar 134897 impressive returns that carefully selected rare U.S. coins can produce.

Tax Benefits

Capital gains on coins can only be taxed at liquidation, whenrepparttar 134898 profits are actually realized. There is no taxation on phantom or undistributed profits as there are with some investments. And unlike most other investments, there is no federal income tax liability on so-called "wash sales" or like-kind exchanges which enable investors to trade their rare coins for other rare coins of equal or greater value

Intrinsic Value

Unlike paper investments, rare U.S. coins have real tangible value you can feel each time you hold one in your hand. Therefore, they offer two ways to build wealth. Carefully selected coins truly offerrepparttar 134899 best of bullion and numismatics in one investment. They containrepparttar 134900 intrinsic security of bullion and can also offer extraordinary profit potential regardless of what precious metal spot prices do. Still, precious metal content is only a relatively small factor in determiningrepparttar 134901 value of many rare U.S. coins whose value is almost solely based on condition, demand and rarity

Historically Significant Beauty

Rare U.S. coins are a part of our history--direct links to America's rich heritage--as timeless and valuable as history itself. For two centuries, U.S. coins have been symbols of American stability, as well as reflections of national pride. Throughout our nation's history, coins have spotlighted our national heroes, paid tribute to our great achievements and commemorated significant events. These truly historic works of art commemorate past sacrifices made inrepparttar 134902 name of freedom.

Rare U.S. coins acquaint investors with historical figures and events, no matter how far removed by time. The satisfaction of actually owning a piece of history from a bygone era makes investing in rare U.S. coins truly unique. Each coin has traveled a different path through history. As a result, each is a unique embodiment ofrepparttar 134903 hopes and dreams of our founding fathers

A way to make money online

Written by Tom

Have you ever heard of affiliate programs? Affiliate programs pay people to sell products and services for a business in return for commissions and payment. You, as an affiliate, simply promoterepparttar affiliate link or advertisement banner that is provided and when people click it and make a purchase or simply just click on it, depending onrepparttar 134870 terms ofrepparttar 134871 program, you get paid.

The hard part with making money with affiliate programs is getting people torepparttar 134872 affiliate products and ads that you as an affiliate are promoting. This article will take a look at this difficulty and how it may be overcome. First, a little bit more about affiliate programs.

An affiliate program can be run by an individual business or it can be run by an affiliate or ad network, which are companies that runs affiliate programs for many different businesses. Once you sign up as an affiliate withrepparttar 134873 individual business or network, you will be given an account and a unique code that represents your affiliate link or banner that you will promote. The code tracks your impressions, clicks and sales.

An example of a popular affiliate network is Commission Junction. They offer cost per action programs inrepparttar 134874 form of pay per sale and pay per lead affiliate programs that pay you when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase (pay per sale) or fills out a form or does some other action (pay per lead). These programs usually pay you a fixed price per sale or a percentage ofrepparttar 134875 total sales price.

An example of a popular ad network is Adsense, run byrepparttar 134876 search engine Google. This program pays you per click, with no need for a sale or other action to occur. When someone that is interested in an advertisement shown on your banner clicks on it, you get paid.

These are both well known and respected affiliate/ad networks with popular programs. If you want to make money with them, you need to make sales or show ads. You can facillitate this by learning how to make and publish a website. You actually need a website in order to join Adsense, and many affiliate networks require that you have a website as well in order to participate in their programs.

The actual technical difficulties with learning how to make a website are not that hard to overcome. You can learn html,repparttar 134877 language of websites, and you can buy and use website templates, which make creating a website easier. You can buy an html editor like FrontPage to create your site. You can even publish your website using it.

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