Why You Need More Than One Affiliate Program

Written by Gary McLeod

There are many reasons why not to have just one affiliate program. Primarily, what happens whenrepparttar one company that you are affiliated with changes hands, policies, or just plain falls apart. The downline that you worked so hard to build, and to have a business relationship is now gone. This downline will now be busy finding another company to join. A true online business success can only be developed with people. Consider this, how much interest will companies have in their members that have no online contacts. I would think Zero. By having more then one affiliate program, if a company folds, you will be able to retain 95% of your downline. Your most online success asset. Not to say that you should join just any affiliate program that comes along. One must make sure that an affiliate program has value and is compatible with your primary program. By value, does this new program compliment your main program. By compatible, can you use this new program to promote/market your main program? Will this new program attract new affiliates by offering something of value for free, offer notification of a new signup. Evenrepparttar 102633 big companies have figured outrepparttar 102634 best way to add extra efficiency to their products/service is with a free offer. To realize any real contacts or money from your new program it must intertwine with your main program. By picking a program that is similar to your site, you can placerepparttar 102635 affiliate link on your website without it standing out like a yellow taxi going downrepparttar 102636 street with all four doors open. Hey don't laugh, I see this

DesignSmarts: The Real Scoop on Site Design and Effective Affiliate Links

Written by Josh Tesolin

What exactly is this affiliate program stuff? Companies/organizations need surfers to visit their sites. One way they can drive traffic to their site is to create an affiliate program.

As an affiliate, you promote advertisers' Web sites on your site, and when you bring customers to them, you get paid. There is many ways an affiliate program can be run. In general, some affiliate programs pay each time a visitor clicks a link from your Web site to theirs, some affiliate programs pay only when a sale is made. Amazon is one example of an Affiliate program. Sell a book for them from your site and you make a commission.

Sounds great right? Yes, it is a pretty sweet concept. However, you must very strategic in how you use them. I have wondered across a great number of sites that have:

A) Great design - Clean cut, easy to look at. B) Interesting main focus - Something that would intrigue me & make me want to read on. C) Something useful to offer - A product or service that can really benefit me. D) Affiliate links littered all overrepparttar place - It's kind of like your waiter bringing you your favorite dish with ten pounds of wet garbage slopped on top.

End Result: I, like many other visitors, leave your site. Yourepparttar 102632 site owner, are sabotaging your site and sending traffic away!

Josh's 2 Step, No Fail, Sure-fire way of making affiliate links work for you:

1. If you want an affiliate link to be effective you must place ones with relevant information in your site. For example if you have a miracle juice link on your Internet business opportunity site, it just won't make sense. Besides,repparttar 102633 link will get very little traffic because people find your site looking for that's right, Internet business opportunities. Not only will irrelevant links sit there like "duds", they also take away fromrepparttar 102634 great information your have on your site asrepparttar 102635 main focus.

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