Why You Must Build A Customer List To Prosper

Written by David Coyne

If you run (or plan to run) an online business, it’s especially important that you maintain and add to a customer/prospect list. Unlike a store-front business, which can draw on pedestrian traffic, you’re only location is cyberspace.

You must constantly let potential customers know you exist. And to remind current customers that you’re still in business and have more products and services to help them.

The are couple of powerful reasons for keeping an updated list of your customers’ names and email addresses.

Obviouslyrepparttar first is that prospects can be turned into customers.

But here’s another important reason: It costs five to ten times as much to acquire a new customer than selling more products to your existing customers.

Think about all advertising costs involved in trying to attract new buyers. It’s much easier to sell to people whom already know you.

If you sell a quality product and deliver great customer service, you build customer loyalty and help prevent customers switching to your competitors.

Also take advantage of “cross selling.” If customer X bought Product A, make sure they know about Product B, C, etc.

If your customer doesn’t purchase your other products, send an email and politely inquire.

When you find out their specific objection to buying, you can then addressrepparttar 117324 problem.

Perhaps you can offerrepparttar 117325 customer a volume discount, two for one deal, or add an inexpensive gift if they order.

Be creative in ways to overcome customer resistance.

And check through your list often.

When wasrepparttar 117326 last time you were in contact with each of these customers?

How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

Written by John Lynch

This article may be freely reproduced provided it is unchanged andrepparttar resource box atrepparttar 117323 end is included.

How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

This article will show small businesses how to get free internet merchant accounts. If your business is to grow and succeed, it is essential to accept online credit cards.

Benefits of accepting online credit cards.

·It has been proven that sales increase dramatically when you accept online credit cards.

·Up to 75% of online purchases are made on impulse and customers spend up to 50% more when using their credit cards.

·Above all, if you accept online credit cards you build credibility inrepparttar 117324 eyes of your customers as they assume only established businesses will accept cards.

However, it is not necessary to have your own internet merchant account to be able to accept credit card payments on your website. Most small businesses do not need their own online merchant account.

How to get free online credit cards

Getting your own internet merchant account is more difficult than obtaining an offline merchant account becauserepparttar 117325 card is not present at payment nor isrepparttar 117326 signature obtained. Sometimes, small and new companies face extra difficulties.

Nevertheless, these problems can be overcome by getting a Third Party Processing company to accept online credit card payments on behalf of you or your company.

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