Why You Come Over The Top In Your Golf Swing

Written by Joe Pena

In this report, you’re going to find out how you can eliminate your problem with coming overrepparttar top. But before you do, consider this:

As you know, it’s been well documented, thatrepparttar 145191 average golfer has a slice or pull hook…because they come overrepparttar 145192 top. Which is nice to know, but you’d think that by now, there would be an EASY way to fix it!

There’s been so much written, recorded, videotaped and even transmitted.

Enough already.

We know what it looks like, we know whatrepparttar 145193 results are, we know it produces weak slices orrepparttar 145194 ugliest pull hooks known to man.

Isn’t somebody going to step forth and giverepparttar 145195 averge golfer a proven, easy-to-execute, cure for this debilitating ailment?

Isn’t somebody going to finally provide golfers with a way to get torepparttar 145196 root cause of this problem?

Isn’t somebody going to ever reveal precisely what you need to do to correct it…inrepparttar 145197 most simple terms…so even a doofus could follow?

And with allrepparttar 145198 golf instructors on this planet, why hasn’t anybody figured it out?

Or have they?

Do they knowrepparttar 145199 precise adjustments you need to make?

Golf Swing Training The Right Way

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf swing training is a critical area inrepparttar improvement of any golfer’s game. Yet not all golf swing training programs arerepparttar 145146 same. The truth ofrepparttar 145147 matter is that there are some that are better and more effective than others.

In this article, I will examinerepparttar 145148 aspects that make for a good golf swing training program.

Before you even set foot onrepparttar 145149 course for a golf swing training session, it is important that you prepare your body physically and especiallyrepparttar 145150 muscles in your body that you will need to use in your golf swing.

A good golf swing exercise training program must include stretch exercises. Golf-specific stretch exercises are very powerful and extremely effective in improvingrepparttar 145151 golf swing.

The amazing fact is that you do not need to be inrepparttar 145152 gym or away from your work station to carry out golf swing stretch training exercises. There are many stretch exercises that can be carried out in a spare moment in your office, throughoutrepparttar 145153 day.

A good golf swing training exercise program will also involve weight training using dumbbells. The idea here is not to build bigger muscles but to strengthen your golf swing muscles.

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