Why Yahoo and the like are a waste of money

Written by Adrian Calow

It must be some sort of status symbol. Why else would anyone payrepparttar best part of $300 to get (a chance of being) listed?

I can here them now, sat somewhere in a wine bar. ďOf course, one simply MUST be in Yahoo.Ē Everyone nodding in agreement. One poor guy shuffles his feet and stares at his shoes. ďPlease donít ask me, please donít ask meĒ heís thinking to himself. ďI couldnít barerepparttar 119402 humiliation. Iíll lie, thatís it, and Iíll say weíre in!Ē

Now donít get me wrong. If you are a large company then $300 is a drop inrepparttar 119403 ocean but forrepparttar 119404 average net entrepreneur itís a waste of money.

Why? Because ofrepparttar 119405 competition. Hereís an example.

Letís do a search at Yahoo for submission services. 335 results are showing. The person wanting this type of service looks atrepparttar 119406 first. While heís reading their pitch, inrepparttar 119407 back of his mind he knows full well heís spoilt for choice!

He stops reading and gives it a quick skim over then heads forrepparttar 119408 bottom line. Then heís hitting that back button and clicking onrepparttar 119409 second inrepparttar 119410 list. He doesrepparttar 119411 same again and again and again!

Now I know that most people are not going to look at all 335 but when search engine experts tell you that you must be inrepparttar 119412 top 30 to get a hit. Thatís exactly what they mean, a hit! They donít mean a sale.

I would expect a reasonable service offered at a reasonable price and showing aroundrepparttar 119413 20 to 30 mark is going to be much more likely to getrepparttar 119414 sale thanrepparttar 119415 sites inrepparttar 119416 first 10.

Byrepparttar 119417 timerepparttar 119418 person gets torepparttar 119419 20ís and because they are merely skimmingrepparttar 119420 pages they have probably decided that once youíve seen one submission services website, youíve seen them all.

They will mentally deciderepparttar 119421 next one they come across thatís within their budget will do.

Net entrepreneurs rely on impulse buying butrepparttar 119422 search engines remove that fromrepparttar 119423 buyer by giving them sometimes thousands of options.

As webmasters we are constantly told traffic is king. When I meet othersrepparttar 119424 first question is nearly always ďso how many hits are you getting?Ē followed by ďhow much are you making?Ē

Surely it should berepparttar 119425 other way around. Some months ago I received one of my favourite newsletters. In it was a small 3-line advert for some software that created e-books and allowed people to customizerepparttar 119426 book with their own links.

How To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year!

Written by Larry Dotson

Most of you have seen those little award graphics on web sites. They are given torepparttar web site by another web site or award association to rewardrepparttar 119401 web site for a specific reason. They usually link right torepparttar 119402 site that has givenrepparttar 119403 award.

These award sites are drawing tons of traffic to their own web site. The reason is because allrepparttar 119404 web sites who getrepparttar 119405 awards are linking right back to them by postingrepparttar 119406 award on their web site.

What is stopping you from offering other awards to other web sites? You could design a graphic forrepparttar 119407 award. The graphic could include something that will draw them to your web site. Have an online form at your web site so other people can enter to qualify forrepparttar 119408 award. You then judge allrepparttar 119409 entrees and pick a winner. You give themrepparttar 119410 award graphic with a link included. They post it on their web site and now they're linking your web site.

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