Why Write a Sales Letter for Each Product?

Written by Judy Cullins

Why Write a Sales Letter for Each Product? Judy Cullins c. 2003 All Rights Reserved.

Authors/publishers are great at getting their books written. Entrepreneurs know their products. But afterrepparttar initial one-year honeymoon, sales slow down. To counter this make sure your ebook, product, or service you offer will keep on selling fromrepparttar 127196 first day,repparttar 127197 first year, even for life. Write a short sales letter for each product or ebook.

Whether you have a Web site or not, you can write a first class, must-buy-now sales letter. Write one for each teleclass, eBook, product, or service. I even write one for my bookcoaching services.

If you are like me and have a Web site, it is content driven. Why? Because that's why people come to any site--to get free information. You must also give them a reason to buy. Most home pages say too much aboutrepparttar 127198 author orrepparttar 127199 book instead of intriguing their potential buyers with a benefit- driven headline, which in turns leads them torepparttar 127200 benefits of their books--the sales letter.

My first Web site had many fine books and kits in personal growth and book writing and marketing. Sales never went over $200 a month. To correct that, I created a new site and paid special attention to its sales language (without hype) for each teleclass, eBook, and book coaching opportunities to suit each income and need. Sales were $75repparttar 127201 first month, and in four months they reached $2265. The next year they went around $3000 a month.

What Every Sales Letter Needs to Pull Orders and Profits

You can write each sales letter in less than four hoursrepparttar 127202 first time. As you practice, you can write them in two hours.

1. Startrepparttar 127203 Letter with a Benefit-Driven Headline.

Include these headlines throughout your sales letter. "Want a quick and easy way to quadruple your Online Income in Four Months?

If you answered, "yes" to yourself,repparttar 127204 headline succeeds, because you will keep reading. If you said "No, I don't believe this, " but I'm curious where this is going,"repparttar 127205 headline still succeeds. You win when your headline seduces your potential customer to read on in your sales letter to discover your product[']s benefits and features, some fine testimonials, and finally to click "buy now" which takes them torepparttar 127206 order page.

2. Listrepparttar 127207 Top Five Benefits of your Product or Service in bullet form.

To define your top benefits start with a list of problems your client or customer wants solutions for. Each specific problem you answer can be labeled a benefit. If you are not rock sure of who your audience is, your sales copy dribbles away and doesn't meet its target. Keep redefining your audience and know as much about them as you can.

Remember that one benefit isrepparttar 127208 top undeniable benefit—usually more money easier, more clients faster, more profits from Web sales, better relationships, and health.

If you have more than five benefits collected in a list, sprinklerepparttar 127209 rest throughout your copy. How will your book make someone's life easier, richer in time or money, help their personal growth, provide additional income, entertain them? How will your product or service make them a better business person, more attractive, feel better, avoid catastrophe, sickness, or surgery?

3. Address your Potential Buyer's Resistances.

Remember to tell a background story of where they are NOW so they will emotionally connect with your solutions (the product or service). Let's say they want to write an eBook or print book to make themselvesrepparttar 127210 "expert," make life-long passive income, or share their unique message.

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