Why Write?

Written by Robert Brents

There are lots of reasons for writing generally, and for writing how-to manuals specifically.

Some people write because they are passionate about their subject. They have to write. They couldn’t be happy if they weren’t writing. While I loverepparttar topics I write about, I can and do go months at a time without writing anything that will end up in a how-to manual.

To me there’s nothing quite as intimidating as a blank sheet of paper (or a blank computer screen with that cursor blinking accusingly at me) that I’m proposing to commit my brilliant (I hope!) ideas to for thousands of other people to read. However, once I remind myself how good I’ll feel whenrepparttar 117748 manual is done and how many people may benefit from my work, I just breakrepparttar 117749 ice and write ype/dictate something – anything! -- thenrepparttar 117750 rest begins to flow!

If what you write your how-to manuals about are based on subjects you enjoy, you will derive great pleasure from writing them. It won’t be a “chore” – and it shouldn’t be. Especially if you are starting part-time.

Ifrepparttar 117751 thought of sitting down and writing your how-to manual, or preparing your manuscript for publication, or doingrepparttar 117752 marketing and promotion makes you groan, you probably won’t be motivated enough to do it, and your business won’t succeed. Personally, this business is one ofrepparttar 117753 top two or three things I prefer to do as a business activity. I haven’t had a “9-to-5 job” of any kind in over four years.


Written by Carol Woods

Are you looking at allrepparttar ways to make money from home and getting confused? Or, are you looking for a job or a business but don't know which is best for you?

At last, here's an overview ofrepparttar 117747 different ways to earn income from home,repparttar 117748 different types of income that are possible, and a plan to put it all together so you make money today and more inrepparttar 117749 future!

Let's get started with…

Ways to create income from home -----------------

There are lots of ways to make money from home. This list is an overview ofrepparttar 117750 options; once you select a particular option you can come up with many specifics for any one of them as far asrepparttar 117751 specific product,repparttar 117752 company you work with, and other specifics.

* Take a job with someone else

This is what most people think of when they talk about making money from home. It is tough to find a home-based position, sincerepparttar 117753 demand exceedsrepparttar 117754 supply. Your best bet would be to negotiate a position with a former employer or someone else who knows you. If that's not an option, read our article on "Finding a Telecommuting Job".

* Sell your services

Instead of taking a position with an employer, you can sell your services to multiple employers as a consultant. The potential downside here isrepparttar 117755 amount of marketing required to keep a steady stream of income coming in - although if you can align yourself with ongoing company needs, such as accounting, administration or legal work that may reduce it. The good news is that an independent consultant can charge a lot more than an employee, which means you may be able to work less and generaterepparttar 117756 same income.

* Resell products

You could purchase products which you then sell to others for more - either because you bought a large quantity and they want a smaller one, because you improved or repackagedrepparttar 117757 product in some way, or simply because you found an excellent deal and are saving them time!

You could sell items for others on consignment. This can be an excellent one for mothers at home with children, because you can sellrepparttar 117758 items on eBay or other auction web sites and can get started with only a camera. For an example of a consignment service, see http://www.income-building-blocks.com/ebaycs.html

You can join a party sales or network marketing program and market those products. The advantage is that you won't need to locate suppliers, develop marketing materials, and probably can even utilize a company web site for your online sales. Look for an excellent training program and tools when selecting a program.

You can start up an affiliate web site, where you link visitors to vendors offering products of interest to them. For more information on what it takes to develop an affiliate web site, see our article on More Money from Affiliate Programs at http://www.income-building-blocks.com/affiliat.html, or sign up forrepparttar 117759 free Affiliate Masters email course by sending a blank email to mailto:tamsibb@sitesell.com

You could take a position as an outside sales rep for a corporation or manufacturer. This could be done from home if you find a product which is appropriate for telephone sales.

* Create and sell items

Why not create your own items and sell them? This allows you to make money from a hobby, which is a great way to work! Start with something you enjoy doing, and look for ways to leverage it into something you can sell. Here are a few examples: oRefinish furniture or repair items oCreate handmade items or crafts kits oWrite and market a book or e-book

* Investments

It is possible to make money from investments, in particular, from real estate. The most common way to do this would be to purchase a property in need of work for a low price, fix it up, and then either rent it or sell it. Making money from real estate or other investments takes more knowledge up front than many other areas; please make sure you do your homework before putting your money onrepparttar 117760 line. However there are many wealthy people inrepparttar 117761 world who became that way through investments, and most of their income is passive, meaningrepparttar 117762 checks come in whether they show up to work or not!

Types of income: ------------

There are different types of income you can earn from your positions. If you want to have more time with your family inrepparttar 117763 future, focus on passive income streams. However, these often have a longer ramp-up time, so if you need money now you will also need some other income types to payrepparttar 117764 bills inrepparttar 117765 meantime. Here arerepparttar 117766 types of income:

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