Why Women Make Better Investors than Men

Written by Mika Hamilton

Being involved with a company that trains people how to actively trade inrepparttar stock market. I get to see first handrepparttar 149757 success or failure of our clients. Eighty percent of our clients are male. But I’d wager that eighty percent ofrepparttar 149758 successful stock traders are women.

Based on this experience, I began to wonder why is it that women tend to be better investors than men. I thought about it over and over, and I could not ignorerepparttar 149759 facts. Women make successful investors.

But why? I think it comes down to three simple words: EGO, EGO, EGO. The one thing that most men have in common is a big ego. Men tend to let their egos make their decisions for them. They hold when they should sell. They buy in for fear of missing out on that one big opportunity. In other words, they invest not to getrepparttar 149760 best deal out ofrepparttar 149761 market but invest so that they look good (or not look bad).

Usually when people think of investing, they think of taking chances and risks. Butrepparttar 149762 truth is that investing has much more to do with emotional intelligence than most people realize. Emotional intelligence isrepparttar 149763 ability to think objectively about a situation and not get too emotionally involved in it. Women, in general, possess a high emotional intelligence.

This quality makes women great investors. Rather than investing according to what will make them look good, women will invest according to a plan—not according to what mood they are in or whether they will be “right” or “wrong".

I Have A Dream

Written by Nancy Hill

Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream.

My dream is...

· Of women lovingrepparttar uniquely beautiful bodies they were born with.

· Of no one wasting another minute of their short, precious life trying to diet into some skinny, impossible ideal.

· Of women in beautiful, curvy, womanly bodies fully ripe and gorgeously inhabited.

· Of women doing good work inrepparttar 149756 world and loving their families instead of obsessing about food and what size they wear.

· Of a world that no longer shamesrepparttar 149757 naturally curvy female body.

· Of bigotry toward body sizes fading away and becoming as unacceptable as bigotry toward skin color or race.

· Of children being accepting of varying body sizes instead of learning to make fun of each other.

· Of people enjoying food and loving life instead of depriving themselves and being miserable inrepparttar 149758 name of beauty.

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