Why Visitors From Search Engines Don't Buy..And What You Can Do About It

Written by Lisa Lake

Are you a believer? For years experts have told us you can't do better than get your site listed high on search engines. Get inrepparttar top five listings and you will pull thousands of visitors, they say.

Naturally, thousands of visitors should produce at least hundreds of sales. Or, even on a bad day, you should get a few sales.

But search engines rarely deliver what we expect. In this article I tell you why and show you simple ways to fixrepparttar 125199 problem.

Strike one: Let me give you a recent example from my own experience. I got one of my sites listed high on Yahoo,repparttar 125200 number one search engine. Friends told me you can expect a giant flood of visitors. Yup, if you consider twenty hits a week a flood, I guess I was all wet.

Strike two: Next, I decided to purchase a high ranking on some ofrepparttar 125201 top pay-per-click search engines. The bid rates were low on NetFlip.com and my site had no problem ranking number one for several popular keywords my customers use most.

Yikes! The hits poured in. I got 400 visitors a day. That's notrepparttar 125202 thousands of visitors larger sites get daily, but 400 people searching for a site like mine should contain at least a few buying customers.

Not so. After several weeks of beingrepparttar 125203 welcome mat for NetFlip's hordes, my site didn't sell a single thing. Could be a case of lackluster copy or a bad product. But an identical offer usingrepparttar 125204 exact same copy was selling like gangbusters on my other site.

Strike three: Ok, sorepparttar 125205 smaller pay-per-click sites just don't deliver PAYING customers. Maybe they're all folks trying to earn a penny to two by surfing from one site torepparttar 125206 next, I don't know.

I figured if you wantrepparttar 125207 BIG results you have to get onrepparttar 125208 BIG search engines. GoTo has a deal where if you get inrepparttar 125209 top three listings on their site, you'll be listed atrepparttar 125210 top ofrepparttar 125211 page on such major search engines at AltaVista and HotBot.

By hook or crook, that kind of listing is as good as it gets. Expensive, but probably good. The plan produced a steady trickle of visitors. Once in a while one buys.

The problem. Here's what I firmly believe isrepparttar 125212 problem with search engine traffic. People search for a site like yours and get a list of 10, 20, or 200 links. Even if they click to your site and like it,repparttar 125213 visitor knows there are dozens more waiting for them back onrepparttar 125214 search engine page.

How to Create a Linking Strategy that Works - Easily!

Written by Merle

Reciprocal linking isrepparttar art of getting other websites to link to yours. Done properly, it's a powerful mar- keting tool that can improve your search engine rankings and bring you highly qualified traffic. If you can get enough websites to link to yours it can help you greatly with what's known as "link popularity," which is one ofrepparttar 125198 criteria used by most ofrepparttar 125199 major search engines when ranking websites. Theoretically,repparttar 125200 better your popularity,the higher you rank.

Your first step should be to set up a page on your site that will holdrepparttar 125201 link swaps you're going to arrange. Some people call these pages "links" or "fav links" or sometimes "related links."

What I hear from many site owners is "if I link out won't I be sending my traffic away?" The answer is yes... and no. When choosing sites to link to, choose related sites that complement what you do but don't directly compete with you -- instead of linking to your competitors.

A smart tip to keep in mind when adding these sites to your webpage is to set them up so they'll open in a new window. This way, your site will remain open inrepparttar 125202 background, making it easy for your visitors to return.

Now I'm not going to kid you about this: The hardest part in swapping links is findingrepparttar 125203 sites you wish to link to, contactingrepparttar 125204 webmaster, then addingrepparttar 125205 link. Even after all of this is said and done you'll still need to monitorrepparttar 125206 sites who've agreed to swap with you to make sure they're living up to their end ofrepparttar 125207 bargain.

The good news is there are online programs and software that make all of this work a whole lot easier.

1) LinksManager: http://www.LinksManager.com

If you'd like to completely outsourcerepparttar 125208 job, Links- Manager is for you. No software to install on your end at all. Even though your actual links page will reside on their server they do allow you to customizerepparttar 125209 look to blend with your existing website. It constantly monitors all links on your link page to verify that none ofrepparttar 125210 reciprocal links you've arranged have been dropped. The cost is $19.95 a month, but if you refer one sign up a month your service will be free.

2) Link-Spy: http://www.Link-Spy.com

With Link Spy you use their site to keep track of all of your links. To set up your own free account just visitrepparttar 125211 site and fill inrepparttar 125212 short form. Then log in and begin addingrepparttar 125213 url's of all ofrepparttar 125214 sites that are suppose to be linking back to yours. Make sure you enterrepparttar 125215 exact page not just a root url. For example, 'www.mcpromotions.com' would not be good ifrepparttar 125216 links page was located at 'www.mcpromotions.com/links.htm' They do all ofrepparttar 125217 monitoring and notify you by email when someone has dropped your link.

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