Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move?

Written by Martin Lemieux

Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move? By: Martin Lemieux

#1 question when it comes to web advertising is how do I get top 10 search engine placements forrepparttar terms I wish to aquire?

Without getting into how to aquire #1 placements (Since there are virtually 100's of articles explaining these techniques), let's instead look into how companies who do end up aquiring them, never seem to loose them...

1st you must understand that search engines all overrepparttar 128128 world are battleing what seems like a never ending war to be able to providerepparttar 128129 ultimate best results for a search.

So since this is true, search engines are consistently upgraded in order to improve their results. With upgrades come new content, with upgrades come loss of placements as well.

We all are consistently updating our sites to better fit search enignes results but atrepparttar 128130 same time,repparttar 128131 top search engines are telling us to simply provide great relative content for your visitors. So why then do we ignore their wishes?

See what I've found through many up's and down's is that I hadrepparttar 128132 ability to getrepparttar 128133 top placements all along. It was right under my noserepparttar 128134 whole time.

Here it is... are you ready?...

Create your content for what you're after and foget it! Move on, attack something else.

See,repparttar 128135 reason why so many top companies never lose their precious placements is because they create very good content and then leave it up to search engines to find it, re-find and again re-findrepparttar 128136 same content.

ExactSeek Explained (Part 1)

Written by Mel Strocen

This article takes an in-depth look at some ofrepparttar innovations introduced at ExactSeek.com (http://www.exactseek.com), including, most recently,repparttar 128127 implementation of a unique ranking algorithm that factors in Alexa traffic data.

Search engines basically cater to two audiences - webmasters and web searchers. Although there is an obvious overlap between repparttar 128128 two groups,repparttar 128129 latter dominates in numbers and most search engines bend over backwards to keep web searchers happy by continually tweaking search result algorithms. Webmasters, on repparttar 128130 other hand, are more or less left to fend for themselves.

ExactSeek was founded 2 years ago onrepparttar 128131 premise that webmasters/ site owners arerepparttar 128132 driving force onrepparttar 128133 Web - not in numbers, but in terms of ideas, development, enthusiasm and innovation. The goal for ExactSeek, then and now, was to build a major engine that catered to this audience and web searchers more or less equally. Part 1 of this article deals with ExactSeek's focus on webmasters.


ExactSeek's belief inrepparttar 128134 importance ofrepparttar 128135 webmaster audience to search engine growth and traffic resulted inrepparttar 128136 rapid introduction of three types of free site listings, each geared to helping webmasters give their websites maximum exposure withinrepparttar 128137 search engine.

Here's a short explanation of each:

Standard listings: Asrepparttar 128138 name implies, this site listing is just a basic website listing inrepparttar 128139 ExactSeek database, comprised of Site Name (taken fromrepparttar 128140 Title tag), description (taken fromrepparttar 128141 Meta Description tag) and Site Link (the website URL).

These basic listings show up numbered 1 to 10, etc. in ExactSeek's search result pages. Any webmaster can obtain a Standard Listing simply by filling outrepparttar 128142 form at: http://www.exactseek.com/add.html

Enhanced listings: Not strictly a website listing - really more of an enhancement torepparttar 128143 standard website listing. In brief, an enhanced listing consists of a small icon residing next to a website's standard listing which when clicked opens a 150x150 javascript window with additional information about that website. The cool thing aboutrepparttar 128144 enhanced listing is that webmasters can add up to 800 characters of text or HTML code torepparttar 128145 content of repparttar 128146 window, allowing them to:

- Embed audio, video or Flash. - Include logo, product or service images. - Include links to secondary site pages. - Use font enhancements (size, color, style). - Include more detailed information about their websites.

Simple examples can be seen at:


Priority listings: Introduced for those webmasters who wanted something in return for adding an ExactSeek search form to their websites. These listings appear inrepparttar 128147 first 10 to 100 ExactSeek search results, highlighted against a light blue background. Visitrepparttar 128148 link below to see an actual example:


Obtaining a priority listing is a simple 3 step process outlined at: http://www.exactseek.com/add_priority.html

The three types of listings noted above offer any half way knowledgeable webmaster a means to maximize site exposure with minimal effort. Best of all, any site meeting ExactSeek's submission guidelines is added within 24 hours. No pointless weeks or months of waiting. In 24 hours, websites are either indexed or not. If not,repparttar 128149 most common reasons are:

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