"Why These Berkeley Scientists Were Baffled!" Breakthrough Scientific Research on the Amoeba And Why You Must Know This!

Written by Glenn Dietzel

I know this sounds incredible but you must read this. It happened last night at about 1:00 AM EST. I was makingrepparttar hour drive home after meeting my friend Dave. We have been meeting together overrepparttar 150527 last couple of weeks to watchrepparttar 150528 NBA championship round. Yes… I am still recovering fromrepparttar 150529 loss! Dave and I have been Pistons’ fans our entire lives. As I was driving home throughrepparttar 150530 country roads withrepparttar 150531 windows and sunroof open andrepparttar 150532 sounds of country music being played byrepparttar 150533 myriads of insects inrepparttar 150534 choir, I was listening to some incredible research onrepparttar 150535 radio. It comes fromrepparttar 150536 laboratories ofrepparttar 150537 University of Berkeley in California. Just recently a study completed here has dumbfoundedrepparttar 150538 scientific community. And it speaks very clearly to you…especially to you and me who want to create successful products and build a cash-cow business. Here is what is unbelievable... The object of incredulity for these Berkeley scientists? A Petri dish with amoeba. That’s right! Now if you don’t know what amoeba are, I suggest you take an introductory science course or you can believe my definition! Ameoba are one-celled organisms, so tiny they requirerepparttar 150539 use of electron microscopes to study them properly. They are some ofrepparttar 150540 simplest created creatures on our planet. And here’srepparttar 150541 research. Follow along becauserepparttar 150542 application for you is incredible. The Berkeley scientists createdrepparttar 150543 perfect environment forrepparttar 150544 amoeba….probably some Krispie Kremes, rootbeer and perhaps some candy floss (well, that would be my perfect environment!). Not sure whatrepparttar 150545 scientists deemed as perfect but guess what!!! The amoeba living in perfect “amoeba surroundings” died! That’s correct. They simply died. The Berkeley Scientists Were Shocked! The researchers concluded that based on this finding, all living creatures require an environment that is less than optimal. In other words, an environment that poses some risks torepparttar 150546 amoeba isrepparttar 150547 best way for amoeba to flourish. And this includes all living organisms. Now Here’s Whatrepparttar 150548 Ameoba Experiment Tells You

Leadership Development for Success

Written by Steven J. Stowell, Ph.D

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a lot of pressure on leaders to create highly productive organizations. To be successful with this task, leaders will need all ofrepparttar talent, skills, techniques, and experience they can muster through leadership development. The pressure to succeed can create a real dilemma: whether to “manage” people or to “lead” people. At CMOE, we maintain that in order to achieve high levels of employee engagement and morale, people in authority must learn how to show othersrepparttar 150524 way, be a “lighthouse,” rather than to “railroad” people into compliance by telling, commanding, or controlling them. Respected leaders easily gain loyalty and mutual agreement with their followers (loyalty demanded is loyalty denied).

Leaders who earnrepparttar 150525 respect and commitment of their followers demonstrate qualities and characteristics that run deeper than leadership skills, techniques, and knowledge alone. Effective leaders lead by example and exhibit their true character consistently. This in turn causes people to voluntarily support an organization’s mission and purpose. They know that leadership is a privilege. It means you have to consistently dorepparttar 150526 right thing forrepparttar 150527 right reasons. Good leadership is an inner choice. It is character based. Good leaders will give your organization a competitive edge; bogus leadership, onrepparttar 150528 other hand, will cost you in critical times when you needrepparttar 150529 support of followersrepparttar 150530 most.

There are basically three kinds of leaders in organizations today: unsuccessful ones, those who are occasionally successful, and those who consistently maintainrepparttar 150531 commitment of followers on a long term basis. The third type requires an understanding ofrepparttar 150532 finer qualities of leadership, character, and values. Character based leadership cannot be achieved by arrogant or power-hungry managers who choose to intimidate others. Sometimes those in authority feel driven to be overly aggressive, take short cuts, and do what is expedient versus doing what is right. Others will make a “Wall Street driven” decision that is not focused onrepparttar 150533 long term well being of stockholders, customers, or employees.

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