Why Tape Backups Are Obsolete in Today's Schools

Written by Chris Schutte

Most schools use tape to backup their important data. Tape is a form of magnetic media in a linear form, similar to VHS tape. It is not very quick or inexpensive, and is not extremely reliable. Inrepparttar past though, it was just aboutrepparttar 133459 only form of removable media that hadrepparttar 133460 capacity to hold an entire network's data.

To keep things reliable tapes need to be alternated in a rotation and then replaced about once per year. This costs quite a bit of money just forrepparttar 133461 media, not to mentionrepparttar 133462 extreme prices forrepparttar 133463 drives themselves.

Tape drives are also very slow, and constantly need to be tested and monitored to make sure that they are really backing up and thatrepparttar 133464 backups actually work. I have seen many cases with servers going down andrepparttar 133465 tapes being corrupt.

Today, there are many different forms of removable media. If you have purchased a hard drive or a flash memory stick inrepparttar 133466 last few months you have probably noticed thatrepparttar 133467 cost of these devices has dropped significantly.

Understanding ASP.NET Validation Controls

Written by Balaji

Understanding ASP.NET Validation Controls

After you create a web form, you should make sure that mandatory fields ofrepparttar form elements such as login name and password are not left blank; data inserted is correct and is withinrepparttar 133458 specified range. Validation isrepparttar 133459 method of scrutinizing thatrepparttar 133460 user has enteredrepparttar 133461 correct values in input fields. In HTML you can perform validation either by checkingrepparttar 133462 values at client-side or after submittingrepparttar 133463 form atrepparttar 133464 server-side. But these methods in HTML take lots of time to create and maintainrepparttar 133465 code. Moreover, ifrepparttar 133466 user has disabled JavaScript then he or she may not receiverepparttar 133467 message regardingrepparttar 133468 error.

Therefore, in ASP.NET you can use ASP.NET Validation Controls while creatingrepparttar 133469 form and specify what ASP.NET Validation Controls you want to use and to which server control you want bind this. ASP.NET Validation Controls are derived from a common base class and share a common set of properties and methods. You just have to drag and droprepparttar 133470 ASP.NET Validation Control inrepparttar 133471 web form and write one line of code to describe its functionality.

This reducesrepparttar 133472 developer time from writing JavaScript for each type of validation. Moreover, through ASP.NET Validation Controls if any invalid data is enteredrepparttar 133473 browser itself detectsrepparttar 133474 error onrepparttar 133475 client side and displaysrepparttar 133476 error without requestingrepparttar 133477 server. This is another advantage because it reducesrepparttar 133478 server load.

The five types of ASP.NET Validation Controls in ASP.NET Framework include:

RequiredField Validation control: prompts message if any input field is left blank. This validation control can also be used to prompt message torepparttar 133479 user if he or she has left any input field with its default value.

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