Why Some Car Transport Services Are Better Than Others

Written by Nick Telford II

Car manufacturers and dealers have been doing it for years and now car transport services are making it simpler forrepparttar average consumer. Transporting cars, whether fromrepparttar 143935 manufacturer torepparttar 143936 dealer or from one city to another saves onrepparttar 143937 physical wear and tear ofrepparttar 143938 vehicle's exterior as well asrepparttar 143939 mechanical stress onrepparttar 143940 engine.

In order to select a transport service,repparttar 143941 first question you'll want answered is how much will it cost? As with any type of shopping you should comparison shop prices and services from various car transport companies.

You'll need to knowrepparttar 143942 origin point and destination forrepparttar 143943 car andrepparttar 143944 approximate date you wantrepparttar 143945 vehicle to depart. The car transport service will also needrepparttar 143946 make, model and year ofrepparttar 143947 car in question.

The client needs to know what type of transport they are looking for whether it's door-to-door or point-to-point (i.e. a central location in one city to another.) Some transport services also offer covered transport, which will protectrepparttar 143948 car from weather elements, rocks and dust. This can be very beneficial inrepparttar 143949 transport of vintage or classic cars

Once a company is selected, payment arrangements will need to be made. Most companies want a deposit of 15 to 20% prior torepparttar 143950 car's departure and full payment made when it arrives atrepparttar 143951 destination. These payments are usually required to be inrepparttar 143952 form of cash or a cashier's check.

It's usually a good plan to checkrepparttar 143953 fine print onrepparttar 143954 contract once it's been agreed to. If you cancel it,repparttar 143955 transport company may charge a fee. It's also a good idea to put a clause somewhere in there that allows for you to cancel if they have not picked up your car within some number of days ofrepparttar 143956 scheduled date.

Ten Tips Before You Travel

Written by Smooth Hound

1. Read up about your destination. You can do this from a guide book or usingrepparttar internet. It's worth reading up aboutrepparttar 143899 place you are due to stay, even if you're going there on business. You can find out about leisure activities while you're there, a list of 'must do' or 'must see' items. If you are travelling outside America or Europe, it is also worth checking out any local customs so that you make sure you don't accidentally offend anyone in your destination country.

2. If you are travelling abroad, check whether or notrepparttar 143900 country you are visiting needs you to get a travel visa before you can enterrepparttar 143901 country.

3. Take two photocopies ofrepparttar 143902 page of your passport that has your photo and other personal details. Leave one copy with a trusted person at home and carryrepparttar 143903 other one separately from your passport so that if you lose your passport you can quickly getrepparttar 143904 necessary information.

4. Keep details of all your credit and debit cards together with their contact phone numbers (if you are going abroad, make sure that you can actually dialrepparttar 143905 number from abroad as some phone numbers only work in your home country).

5. If at all possible, take more than one credit card on your trip. Credit card companies are getting increasingly worried about fraud and if they see an unusual pattern of purchases on your card they may 'stop' it just to be onrepparttar 143906 safe side. If you expect to be making an unusual pattern of purchases it may be worth calling your credit card company so that they are aware ofrepparttar 143907 situation.

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