Why So Many Don't Succeed At Developing A Home-Based Business

Written by Kirk Bannerman

From what I have seen and experienced, quitting isrepparttar greatest temptation duringrepparttar 137615 first year of working at a home-based business. If smoking was like working at a home-based business, repparttar 137616 occurence of lung cancer would be dramatically reduced.

It is a known fact that a majority ofrepparttar 137617 people that undertake a work at home business do not achieve real success. There are several reasons for this, but one ofrepparttar 137618 primary reasons is that these people get frustrated and do not allow themselves enough time to actually succeed.

Inrepparttar 137619 early going, one ofrepparttar 137620 most difficult things about developing a new home based business is dealing withrepparttar 137621 emotional roller coaster that can result fromrepparttar 137622 highs (successes) and lows (temporary setbacks) you are almost certain to experience. Once you have donerepparttar 137623 research and decided on a particular home based business opportunity, you really need to focus on persistence and realize that any real business will not just automatically become successful in a matter of days or weeks. You should be prepared to give it your best sustained effort for at least 6 to 12 months in order to begin to build a solid business base and begin to see some good income.

Highs and lows were something that I began to notice when I first started a home based business. I have many years of top level management experience in "traditional" corporations and have experienced lots of business cycles (corporate "ups and downs"), butrepparttar 137624 natural "ups and downs" that occur in a home business (particularly inrepparttar 137625 early stages) can be brutal from an emotional standpoint if you don't prepare yourself in advance for repparttar 137626 fact that it is a basic law of nature...it will be a rocky road until you have spent enough time and effort to build your business to a level that sort of smoothes outrepparttar 137627 peaks and valleys.

The impact ofrepparttar 137628 highs and lows you will probably experience in developing your home based business is amplified byrepparttar 137629 fact that you are now in business on your own. You arerepparttar 137630 boss and get to make allrepparttar 137631 decisions, but you are also on your own in dealing withrepparttar 137632 frustrations that will occur alongrepparttar 137633 way while you are developing your business.

DOH! A Home Biz Even Homer Simpson Could Do

Written by Jon Castle

Everyone likes Homer Simpson, moron that he is, because letís face itóthere is a little Homer in all of us. Have you ever come across a business opportunity you would have liked to try but didnít because you were afraid of your own ineptitude? Well, leave your fears aside fellow Homer Simpsonites because here is a business you can start with your eyes closed and your brains on hibernation mode--Loan Signing!

Loan signers, Notary signing agents, loan signing agents, mobile Notaries, all of these terms have been used interchangeably and they all describerepparttar same thing--a traveling Notary Public (and no, Homer, thatís not an island country somewhere inrepparttar 137582 Bahamas). A loan signing agent goes to a borrowerís home to witnessrepparttar 137583 signing of loan documents. Of course you need a few supplies (like your Notary ledger), but Iím not going to get into particulars in this article. What you really want to know is, how do you get started, what isrepparttar 137584 work like, and how much can you make right?

To get started you can join a Notary Association, most of them have a signing agent section. There you will find more ofrepparttar 137585 basics to getting started with this business and get your name listed. They will all try to sell you some really expensive loan signing classes but that is completely up to you. The smart, un-Homer thing to do is a search for some Notary signing agent message boards where you can learn how to get started for free. The process is very simple and involves a small fee to get a license, ledger, and certificate with your county.

The work is even simpler. A client (usually a title company that found your name through a Notary association listing) calls you and asks if you want to do a signing. They fax a contract that states how much youíll get paid, or how much you wonít get paid if you donít do your job right etc. After you accept, they send yourepparttar 137586 loan package by fax or email. You then callrepparttar 137587 borrower to schedule a time frame forrepparttar 137588 signing which usually takes an hour. You watchrepparttar 137589 borrowers sign their papers, you sign and stamp a couple yourself,repparttar 137590 borrowers get a copy ofrepparttar 137591 loan package, and you get one to overnight back to your client. Yes, Iíve simplifiedrepparttar 137592 process a bit, but not by much.

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