Why? Should You Give, Before You Receive

Written by Ray Palmer

Part Three

Give, Before You Receive The Un-written Law Of Web

A common headache amongrepparttar majority of successful Cybermarketers isrepparttar 142674 use ofrepparttar 142675 concept of giving something away for free - yes, without cost - before receiving anything in return.

'Founding' fathers ofrepparttar 142676 internet designed it as a networking tool for freely sharing information among scientists, Doctors, military personel and government officials. More recently, adventurous entrepreneurs have started to venture online. And many people have discovered that giving things away for free in muchrepparttar 142677 same way, can eventually lead to sales and profits.

One ofrepparttar 142678 most common strategies Internet Entrapreneurs use to give away useful information (Page Content) that interests their target markets. Valuable free info can encourage new visitors to stay much longer on your site and bring them back time arter time. But they can also be turned off if you hit them too early with blatant sales pitching.

Tools for dispensing free page content also vary widely: ezines; web sites; email and web-based discussion groups; downloadable e-books, and so on. Other common freebies (Giveaways) include software; web space; and a wide variety of other products and services. Click Link below To see example:


New ideas and ways of sharing freely are being thought up allrepparttar 142679 time.

The giveaways or freebies are just a sample that gives a foretaste of what a visitor can get if they become a full fledged subscriber/paying customer. Shareware is a well known model of this type of method, many features are disabled. If you want allrepparttar 142680 bells and whistles, you must upgrade torepparttar 142681 paid version ofrepparttar 142682 software.

Also consider one of my own offers for example, I have a password-protected directory containing increasing amounts of material from my own subscription website, Small Business HomeSite.com, for which i charge a reasonable fee to gain access to details at: http://www.smallbusinesshomesite.com/products/item11.cfm

You don't have to take my word for it that you'll find value there for doing your business marketing online.

Make Profits from FREE e-Books

Written by Brian Adamson

E-books are one ofrepparttar most beneficial and easiest ways to make mone on line - if you sell them. But how can you make profits from free e-books? This closely-guarded secret ofrepparttar 142120 self-styled guru's has recently become easily achievable by just about anyone with something to say, and certainly by everyone who already has a e-book or other information product to sell.

What is a free e-book?

A free e-book is usually an abridged or shortened version of a full e-book or information product. However, neitherrepparttar 142121 fact that it is free or that it is a shortened version of something else means that it can not have value on its own. In fact, you will quickly find that if it does not have its own intrinsic value, that it will be very difficult to distribute - even for free.

For example, our own free e-book gives away our entire content on heart disease and cholesterol - something that virtually everyone needs to know about if they want to maintain their health.

The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, even if it isn't costing them money, people always want something for their efforts. To download something then actually read it takes effort, and that effort had better be worthwhile! Secondly,repparttar 142122 whole point of creating a free e-book is to showcaserepparttar 142123 main product i.e.repparttar 142124 full book or information product, in order to generate sales. Ifrepparttar 142125 free book is not up to scratch, then you can be sure that sales ofrepparttar 142126 full product will not benefit from it.

Why a free e-book, why not just sell it?

Good question. The simple answer is that people love to get something for nothing - or at least to feel that they are getting something for nothing. As stated above, in order for this to berepparttar 142127 case, they need to perceive thatrepparttar 142128 "something" has some value to them andrepparttar 142129 process needs to be as simple as possible.

This means that far more people will be prepared to read your book if it is free than if they have to pay even a small amount for it, which both suggests it has little value and adds time and effort torepparttar 142130 process. Conversely, if people see your e-book is free it not only makes them more likely to download it, it also adds value to your main product, i.e. your paid-for book, by letting them know they can only get so much for free.

How will people find my free e-book if I have no website traffic?

This is perhapsrepparttar 142131 most crucial aspect of giving away anything from your website, and until recently, a difficult issue to resolve. Building traffic to your site takes both time and considerable effort - buildingrepparttar 142132 site, getting it hosted, promoting it etc. There are many ways to make this easier and relatively automatic, but it still takes some effort on your part, and, inevitably - time.

The secret of generating both interest in your product and traffic to your site is to get others to help you do it - in other words, multiplication of your efforts. Of courserepparttar 142133 people you will want to sell your product will already have successful websites (ideally with subject matter relevant to yours) and will want some reward for selling your product (or even giving it away), and this isrepparttar 142134 part that until recently was difficult.

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