Why Self-publish Your Book?

Written by Ceci Miller, MFA

When I meet an author with a great book concept, one who’s definitelyrepparttar right person to write that book, right away I’ll often encourage him or her to self-publish. This is because I know that, if an author is thoroughly invested in what they have to say, and if they’re determined to create a buzz about their message, they’ll discover . . . 5 Fantastic Benefits of Self-publishing

1. Control. When you enter into a contract with a major publishing house, you’re signing an exclusive agreement that prevents your having input into most ofrepparttar 126392 important decisions that will affect your book’s perception byrepparttar 126393 public, and its sales. You’ll have very little say aboutrepparttar 126394 look and feel of your book cover,repparttar 126395 endorsements that appear onrepparttar 126396 back of your book, orrepparttar 126397 wording of your press release, for example. And since all ofrepparttar 126398 above elements are critical to giving your book its best chance for bestseller status, such loss of control can pose significant problems. “But don’t publishers know better than I what to do to sell a book?” you may ask. Not necessarily. Authors usually know more about their book’s subject—and hence, about their target audience (market)—than anyone else. Hey, they wroterepparttar 126399 book!

More food for thought about signing with a major publishing house: If for some reason your book doesn’t sell quickly andrepparttar 126400 publisher lets it go out of print, there’s often a “waiting period” beforerepparttar 126401 author is allowed to self-publishrepparttar 126402 book to get it back onrepparttar 126403 shelves. Inrepparttar 126404 meantime,repparttar 126405 reading public sees that your book is “out of print” and a great deal of word-of-mouth damage is done. Self-publishing means that you are atrepparttar 126406 helm of your book project. Of course, it also means thatrepparttar 126407 responsibility for its success rests in your hands. But when you believe in your message and know that you’re going to do everything in your power to get that message out to your target audience, isn’t it a good feeling to know that you’rerepparttar 126408 one driving its success inrepparttar 126409 marketplace?

I suggest a balance of control and delegation. The right publishing ally can coach you throughrepparttar 126410 process of writing and editing your book, and will also advise you to design and market your message in a way that gets optimum results. Your publishing ally may be a book editor, a publishing consultant, a published author, or all three. If she’s worth her salt, though, she’ll know what it will take to get your book published, and she’ll know how to help you make it happen.

2. Money. Why does it make good business sense to self-publish? Considerrepparttar 126411 following: a contract withrepparttar 126412 book publisher doesn't give you an ironclad guarantee that your book will ever and uponrepparttar 126413 shelves. If you’re a new author, your publisher will allocate zero marketing dollars to promote your book. It's sink or swim! If your book does sell well, it will be due to your own hard work and ingenuity—and your reward will be a tiny fraction ofrepparttar 126414 book’s total profits. Self-publishing admittedly involves more capital risk, but it also means thatrepparttar 126415 extensive footwork you do to market your book will go to producing income forrepparttar 126416 person who most deserves it. After all, you’rerepparttar 126417 one who’s doing allrepparttar 126418 work to ignite word-of-mouth about your book. Not only that, you wrote it! Don’t you deserve to reap 100% ofrepparttar 126419 profit?

3. No Waiting, No Rejection. The Cinderella story ofrepparttar 126420 little book that gets discovered by a publisher and becomes an overnight bestseller is mostly just that—a fairytale. Yes , it happens. But it hasn't been happening a whole lot lately. Inrepparttar 126421 current publishing climate, with major houses paying gigantic advances to celebrity authors—their “cash cows”—not much is left to spend on developing new talent. Let's be honest: a publisher isn't going to spend a dime marketing a book by an as yet unknown author. To get your book considered for publication inrepparttar 126422 first place, you'll need to have an extremely convincing marketing strategy in place which you intend to implement on your own, at your own expense! Such asrepparttar 126423 case in every genre from children's books to alternative health to historical novels. First-time authors are being turned away en masse. And since many nonfiction book projects are time-sensitive—well-placed offerings intended to respond to a specific market trend—their authors often while way their precious window of opportunity waiting for agents or publishers to respond to a proposal. It isn't impossible to get a major publishing house interested in a book by a first-time author, but it’s getting more difficult allrepparttar 126424 time. Self-publishing removesrepparttar 126425 wait (andrepparttar 126426 accompanying weight from your shoulders) andrepparttar 126427 discomfort of rejection fromrepparttar 126428 process of getting your book into print.

[ANN] Altsoft releases new HotFolder edition of Xml2PDF formatter

Written by Altsoft Xml2PDF

Xml2PDF HotFolder version 0.9 beta November 3, 2004 Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft N.V. announcesrepparttar beta release ofrepparttar 126391 new HotFolder edition of its Xml2PDF formatting engine.

Xml2PDF Hotfolder is either a server or a client side application for automatic convertion of XSL-FO, SVG, XSLT and XHTML to PDF. It traces all incomming XSL-FO / SVG / XHTML / XML files torepparttar 126392 specified folder (named "hot folder") and converts them to PDF. It also provides a user-firendly log interface for all error and warning messages.

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